Mirpur Khas-Khadro Railway

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The Mirpur Khas-Khadro Railway opened 1912 as a metre gauge(MG) section of Jodhpur-Bikaner Railway(JBR) [1]


An on-line search of the India Office Records (IOR) records held at the British Library relating to this railway [2] gives the following:-

  • R/2/190/398; “File 167/1907-1910 Construction and working of the Mirpur Khas Khadro Railway”; 1907-10
  • R/2/190/399; “File 108/1910 Proposed construction and working of the Mirpur Khas Khadro Railway”; 1910
  • R/2/190/401; “File 61/1924 Working of Mirpur Khas - Judho and Mirpur Khas-Khadro branches consequent on the separation of Jodhpur and Bikaner States Railways;” 1924
  • R/2/191/404; “File 7/1930 Working of the Mirpur Khas-Judho and Mirpur Khas Khadro Branches consequent on the separation of the Jodhpur and Bikaner States“; 1930

Further Information

See Jodhpur-Bikaner Railway


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