Moharampore Cemetery

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Alternate spelling - Moharampur

""The Moharampore cemetery (Pirmuhani Kabristan) is located in the centre of Patna in the district of Pirmuhani on the NH30 road and 1.5 km north east of the main line station, and can also be found on Google Maps at the following coordinates 25.6093°N, 85.145556°E.

The cemetery is still in use and is under the administration of the Bankipore catholic cathedral in Patna where the register of the graves are also kept. They have workers looking after the cemetery.

As one enters the cemetery most of the Catholic graves are on the right hand side and the other Christian denominations are on the left” [1]

According to a BACSA report, held at the British Library, the cemetery contains 65 graves pre 1947 [2]

Village of Moharampore

Name refers to Moharampore - a village in the Saran district of Bihar.

In 2007 the population of Moharumpar village was 1,159. [3]


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