North Western Provinces Civil Establishments 1870 - 1877

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Date range Record details
1 Apr 1870 L/F/10/193 IOR Neg 57190-191 (LDS microfilm 219 1689)
C/S and Unc/S
The first page is an abstract of the 1st part of the volume (the General Establishment of the NWP) showing an index to the later page 'A' numbers, the relevant offices and the cost of running the offices (of no interest to family history researchers).
p1 shows the Government Secretariat, NWP., p34, the Bareilly Observatory, and p.103 the Benares Vaccine Dept. Each of these pages and others up to p196 shows a 'Detailed Statement of Salaries and Establishment of………….on the 1 Apr 1870'. Relevant headings are:-
Dept & date of G.O constituting each office in the Establishment existing on the 1 Apr 1870, Date of Appt of each incumbent, Name, Appt, Mthly salary and total, including expenses.
Page 196 is the end of the General Establishment.
The next section of 1-147 'A' forms results in an abstract of the Judicial Establishment, where for example p1 shows the costs of the High Court of Judicature, p54 the Allahabad Magistrate's Office and p118 the Superintendent of the Meerut Central Prison.
A further section of 1-149 'A' forms is an abstract of the Revenue Establishment, for example p1 shows the costs of the Board of Revenue, p20 the Allyghur Collectorship and p144 the Jhansi Division Forest Dept. Other abstracts are of the Customs Dept (pp1-12) and the Inspector General of Police (pp 1-63)
Each of the 567 'A' forms or pages listed in the above abstracts are potential sources of C/Ss and Unc/Ss while most of the rest of the establishment will be of little or no interest to family history researchers.
1 Apr 1871 L/F/10/194 IOR Neg 57191-192 (LDS microfilms 219 1689 and 219 1690)
C/S and Unc/S
The set-up of this volume is similar to that of Vol. 193.
There are 5 abstracts, of Customs (9 'A'), Revenue (159 'A'), Police (66 'A'), Judicial (140 'A'), General (198'A') the latter including Agra Civil Lines and Cantonment Church, Allahabad Church of Scotland, Agra Medical School, Mirzapore Zillah School and Conservator of Forests.
1 Apr 1872 L/F/10/195 IOR Neg 57192-193 (LDS microfilms 219 1690 and 219 1691)
Part 1 C/S and Unc/S
This part includes Abstracts of Police (69 'A'), Customs (18 'A'), General (204 'A')
1 Apr 1872 L/F/10/196 IOR Neg 57193 (LDS microfilm 219 1691)
Part 2 C/S and Unc/S
This part includes Abstracts of Judicial (145 'A') and Revenue (166 'A'). In Azimgurh 3 C/Ss and I Unc/S are shown while in Benares 5 Gazetted Officers are listed.
1 Apr 1874 L/F/10/197 IOR Neg 57193-194 (LDS microfilms 219 1691 and 219 1692)
Part 1 C/S and Unc/S
As in previous volumes of the NWP Civil Establishments where 'A' forms show the Detailed Salaries and Establishment of [an office] on a particular date (Customs 1-17, Revenue 1-190, Judicial 1-159) an Abstract has been made of each of these three Depts, showing Page No of the 'A' form, title of Office and Amount (being the cost of running the Dept).
For family history purposes, ‘Amounts' are irrelevant but the Page Nos and the title of the office provide a complete index to each of the offices.
For each Dept, the Abstract is filed as a preface to its 'A' forms. Ages are shown on some forms.
1 Apr 1874 L/F/10/198 57194 (LDS microfilm 219 1692)
Part 2 C/S and Unc/S
This volume shows the NWP General and Miscellaneous Establishments (pp1-246) and its Abstract.
Includes Post Office, Vaccination Dept, District Mortuary, Nynee Tal Civil Surgeons, Etawah Church, Zilla Schools, Meteorological Observatory.
A second Abstract is that of the Police Establishment, NWP with 'A' forms 1-83, including Inspector Gen'l down to office sweeper.
L/F/10/199 IOR Neg 57195 (LDS microfilm 219 1693)
C/S and Unc/S
1 Apr 1876 Part 1 Provincial Services
Unnumbered 'A' Forms and no index. Headings include:-
G.O. creating post, Present member's date of appt to present post and promotion to present pay, Name of post, Age, Name of incumbent, Min and max pay of post, Pay of present member.
1 Apr 1876 Part 2 Imperial Services
Unnumbered 'A' Forms and no index
Covers Offices:- Collector, Agra; Civil and Sessions Judges, Agra; Cantonment Magistrate, Roorkee; Bareilly Dispensary.
1 Apr 1877 L/F/10/200 IOR Neg 57195-196 (LDS microfilms 219 1693 and 219 1694)
C/S and Unc/S
Imperial Services
Unnumbered 'A' Forms and no index. Abstracts (office/page) cover pp1-4. A headings include:-
Settlement Est. (pp5-18), Family Domains - Raja of Benares, Acct. Gen'l's Office, Paper Currency Est., Meteorological Observatory, Churches, Military Cemeteries, Agent to Governor-General, Medical Pupils (pp 47-54). Ages shown.
1 Apr 1877 Provincial Services - Part 1
Index to Book of Establishment covering:-
Collector Establishment, Stone Quarry Est., Abkari Est., Stamp Est., Board of Revenue, High Court of Judicature, Small Cause Court, Central Jails Est., Registration Dept.
pp1-342 of Detailed Statements. Ages shown.
'A' forms are filed in alphabetical order of Establishments.
Provincial Services - Part 2
Index to Book of Establishment Offices relative to pages. Again, detailed Statements ('A') covering:-
Police Dept pp323-450, Director of Public Instruction and Inspector of Colleges pp.451-464 etc. Other sections are Zillah Schools, Vernacular Newspapers, Print Establishment, District Dak Est., and others. Judicial Record Room Est., pp 705-708. Ages shown.