Operations in Waziristan 1919-1920

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Historical books online

Part 1 1930;55:4 260-270. Part 2 1930;55:5 334-345. Also available page 260, page 334 Archive.org.
Medical Aspects of Frontier Warfare as experienced in the Waziristan Expedition of 1919-1920
  • Unofficial History by Field Marshal Sir William Slim 1962, first published 1959. Archive.org Lending Library.
"Student’s Interlude" page 101 . On operations Autumn 1920. "A Brigade Column, operating from Thal in the Kurram … took punative action against the village of Panch Pir in Waziristan". (Not known whether this is the actual, or a fictional name).
  • "South Waziristan in 1921" by Colonel G M Orr, late Colonel Commandant 10th Indian Infantry Brigade page 282 The Army Quarterly Volume 5, 1922 October- 1923 January. Archive.org