Patna City Tramway

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Patna City Tramway

Patna was among the few cities in India having horse-drawn trams as urban transport. The tramway opened in about 1878. The contract to lay the narrow gauge tram tracks was awarded to ‘Stearns and Kitterge’, a british company [1].

The horse-drawn tram in Patna ran a length of 6 miles(9.6km) in the populated stretch of Ashok Rajpath Road, from City Chowk [1] in the east, with its western terminus at Sabzibagh (opposite Pirbahore Police Station) serving Bankipore [2].

The tramway was under the direction of the Patna City Municipality. The tram was discontinued in 1903 due to lack of ridership; plans to extend it further west never materialised [2].