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Coordinates: 39.908173°N 116.3979°E
Altitude: 43.5 m (143 ft)
Present Day Details
Place Name: Beijing
State/Province: Municipality of Beijing
Country: China
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Peking, now usually pronounced and spelled Beijing, has been the capital of China for hundreds of years.

Spelling Variants

Modern name: Beijing
Variants: Pekin/Peking


Battle of Peking 1860

External links

  • Beijing Wikipedia
  • Virtual Beijing, a project which is part of a cluster of digital research platforms in urban history and development created by the Institut d'Asie Orientale (Lyons Institute of East Asian Studies). Includes Maps, Images and E Library. The main focus is on the period 1920s-1940s

Historical books online

Cook’s Guide to Peking, North China, South Manchuria and Korea Published by Thos. Cook & Son 1924