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The Baria State Railway was an Independent railway owned by Baria State, one of the smaller Princely States with its capital at Devgadh Baria [1]. The line opened to traffic on 1st January 1929 [2].

The line, with a length of c.9 Miles(15km), was a 2ft 6in/762mm narrow gauge (NG) railway, running from Piplod, a station on BB&CIR broad gauge(BG) ‘Godhra-Rutlam Section’, to Devgadh Baria.

The initial proposal put forward by the Bombay, Baroda and Central India Railway(BB&CIR) was for the Godhra to Ratlam section to pass via Devgadh Baria. However as Baria State, wanted to remain independent, the plans were changed and permission was granted to route the railway through Piplod [3].

There are indications that the line was referred to as the Baria-Piplod State Railway; also known as Piplod- Devgadh Baria Railway before the opening of the railway on 1st January 1929.

In 1929 the record shows an Agreement was made between ‘the Government of His Highness the Raja of Baria State ... and the Bombay Baroda and Central India Railway Company …. for working of a ... railway from Piplod to Devgad Baria and such extensions as it may be agreed upon … to include in this agreement on the 2’6” gauge hereinafter called the Baria State Railway [2]

In 1948 the railway was merged to form the Saurashtra Railway

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