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Some publishers produce reprints of older books relating to India, or books on specialist topics such as military.

Naval and Military Press

Naval and Military Press sell books that cover a wide range of military history with titles on uniforms, battles, official and regimental histories, medal rolls and casualties lists etc.

An example of one of its books is The East India Company's Arsenals & Manufactories by Brig-Gen Henry A. Young, Director of Ordnance Factories in India 1917-1920, first published in 1937 and re-published in 2005, which gives historical background of munitions factories etc.

Also see Military reading list.


Leonaur Publishing publish hard to find and rare books. Its books on Military History include titles relating to India.

British Association for Cemeteries in South Asia (BACSA)

A complete list of publications may be found on the BACSA website, accessible here. Also refer Country Sea Service, Ships and sailing reading list, Society reading list - Anglo Indian, Transport and communications reading list.

Pagoda Tree Press

Pagoda Tree Press states it "is an Independent Publishing House, producing a highly specialised range of books on the History of India, Tibet and the Himalayas; with a particular emphasis on the History of Photography in that region. Founded by Hugh Rayner in 2000... we also republish a variety of rare and unusual historical works on the Himalayas: early Travel Guides, Route Planners, Maps & Pamphlets, important historical & reference works, long out-of-print travel writing from the Himalayan region, as well as newly written histories of Indian Hill Stations".

An associated business is Hugh Ashley Rayner Vintage Photography from India

Also see Photographer - Books

Kabristan Archives

Kabristan Archives was founded by Eileen Hewson .The website states her passion for old graveyards has been the inspiration for her travels in the Indian subcontinent. From the former British hill stations across the Himalayas, to the tea plantations of Assam and Ceylon she has searched for the Irish and the British who died there. The publications include books on India and Ceylon. Some secondhand books, and other new books, are also available

Savannah Publications

Savannah Publications, London publish Military books such as Medal Rolls and Lists of various kinds, including reprints. Books include

D.P. & G. Military Publishers

D.P. & G. Military Publishers republish a range of historical books relating to the British and Indian Army including India’s Army by Major D. Jackson originally published 1940 and Her Majesty’s Indian & Colonial Forces by Walter Richards, illustrated by H.Bunnett originally published 1896.Some secondhand books are also available

Archive CD Books Ireland

Archive CD Books Ireland exists to make reproductions of old books, documents and maps available on CD to genealogists and historians. The Archive CD Books Project was started in England in 2000, and has now spread to several countries worldwide. Since late 2008 Archive CD Books Ireland has incorporated the British branch of the organisation. It is intended that a new British site will be established.

Archive CD Books are also available in Australia, Canada and the USA.

Your Old Books and Maps

Your Old Books and Maps has a small selection of CDs relating to India