Purtabore Stone Quarries Tramway

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Purtabore Stone Quarries Tramway

Stone was quarried from 1863 at Purtabore, 30 miles(48km) from Allahabad, for the construction of new Government offices in Allahabad. The stone was carried from the quarry to the Jamuna River by a tramway, of unknown gauge, for onward shipment. The tramway consisted of a double track 2400 feet(730 metres) long and the records show that the wagons weighed 9½ tons when full and propelled by five men to the loading point on the river bank [1].

The East Indian Railway(EIR) also had a quarry at the same location to quarry stone for the Jamuna Bridge, one of the longest and oldest bridges in India, carrying the East Indian Railway(EIR) and crossed the Jamuna River at Naini, near Allahabad. Construction of the bridge commenced in 1859 and completed 1865. There was a single line tramway, of unknown gauge or propulsion, from the quarry to the river bank [1].

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