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The staff of the Office of the Quartermaster General in India managed the army's supply and transport needs - this was previously managed by the Commissariat that was phased out after formation of the British Army in India in the 1880s.

It comprised a combination of senior army officers (part of the Staff Corps) and clerical staff, serving the General Staff in India by organising centralised military logistics. Junior officers were deployed to handle logistics at a regimental level.

Staff in 1893

General E Steadman [1]
General ER Elles [2]
Colonel GH More-Molyneux [3]
Colonel G Henry [4]
Colonel RK Ridgeway VC [5]
Captain Kemball
Captain Bower
Captain Johnson
Captain Douglas
Captain Cuppage
Captain Swayne
Captain Robertson
Lieutenant Statherd
Lieutenant Holman
Lieutenant McDermott
Lieutenant Manley
Mr Marcoolyn
Mr Ashmore
Mr Williams
Mr Lennox
Mr Donaldson
Mr Bidwell
Mr Swift
Mr Pepper
Mr Arbery
Mr Johnson
Mr Taylor
Mr Wilkinson
Mr Ruegg
Mr Sheehan
Mr Duffy
Mr Poole
Mr Cutting
Mr Clarke
Mr Blanc
Mr Crosbie
Mr Collins
Mr Willey
Mr Waugh
Mr Peel
Mr Artlett
Mr Davis
Mr Shannon

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