Quetta City 1935 Reconstruction Railway

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Quetta City 1935 Reconstruction Railway

On 31 May 1935 an earthquake of 7.7 magnitude occured 84 miles(135km) from Quetta. It was the second most destructive earthquake ever recorded in south Asia (after the Nepal-Bihar earthquake of 1911). It effectively destroyed the city of Quetta [1]..

An operation to clear up the city was jointly carried out by the Indian Armay and the North-Western Provinces Public Works Department(PWD). On the 29 Nov 1935 a supply of 2ft/610mm narrow gauge(NG) railway track, locomotives and wagons was orrdered from the Indian Stores Department. This equipment arrived in what was described as "an unsatisfactory manner". The crossings first, then the track with no sleepers, then the trucks and no locomotives. It was only on the 15 March 1936 that the track could be put to use. The clean up operation was completed in 1937 [1].


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