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The Rajpipla State Railway (RSR) was a 2ft 6in/762mm narrow gauge(NG), the first 19 mile(30km) section from Anklesvar, originally named the Anklesvar-Rajpipla Railway, opened in 1897 and worked by Bombay, Baroda and Central India Railway]](BB&CIR).


The railway was constructed as a famine relief line to the Rajipipla District under the auspices of Maharana Chhatrasinhji, Raja of Rajpipla, as a small narrow gauge railway in 1897 connecting at Anklesvar to the BB&CIR broad gauge(BG) on the Bombay - Ahmedabad Mainline.

The line was extended to Nandod Station in 1899, giving a total line length of 37 miles(59km) and renamed the Rajpipla State Railway [1]

A further 2 mile (3km) short extension to Nandod Town was completed in 1917 on the opening of the ‘Kanjan River Bridge’, which was inaugurated by Lord Willingdon, Governor of Bombay Presidency, in February 1917. Thereby the railway line was extended from the old station to the new station on the edge of Nandod, the capital of Rajpipla [2]. Ownership of the line remained with the Princely Rajpipla State and worked by BB&CIR [1].

The Jhagadia-Netrand Railway, a 19 mile(30km) branch line was opened in 1932. It branched from Jhadagadia, on the Anklesvar-Rajpipla section of the Rajpipla State Railway to Netrand. This increased the network to 59 miles(94km) [2]

In 1948, Rajpipla State Railway (RSR) became a part of Saurashtra Railway.

The NG railway was converted to broad gauge(BG)in 2013. [3]. The Jhagadia-Netrand Railway apparantly had been abandoned before this time.

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