Ranchi Plateau Railway Survey

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The Ranchi Plateau Railway Survey was undertaken in the period 1894-98 and reported:- [1] :-

Survey A. ‘Chatrand to proposed Palamow-Sini Line’

“A survey for a standard gauge (Note 1) line from Chatatand on the Adra-Jherriah alignment (Note 2) referred to in the ’Midnapore-Jherriah Coalfield Railway Survey’ [See separate page] to some point on the proposed Palamow-Sini line (Note 3), a length of 115 mile” (Note 4)

Survey B. ‘Tori to Aringi via Lohardugga NG Line with Ranchi NG Branch’

“A reconnaissance for a 2-foot gauge (Note 5) from Tori to Aringi via Lohardugga (Note 6), with a branch to Ranchi, 80 miles”(Note 7)

with the statement that:-

“ These surveys are both in hand and these railways, if constructed, will form protective lines for the Ranchi Plateau in time of famine.”

Notes and Interpretations

Survey A

Survey B

Further Information

See separate page Jharia Coalfield Railways

Associated Information

See also Midnapore-Jherriah Coalfield Railway Survey as this is included in the same 1894-98 Report