Rangoon, Pazundaung Creek Timber Depot Tramway

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Rangoon, Pazundaung Creek Timber Depot Tramway

The Army Commissariat Department established the 'Pazundaung Creek Timber' near Monkey Point, Rangoon, Burma in 1917 to supply timber for military use. The metre gauge(MG) Burma Railway(BR) line that served the Burmah Oil Company's Depot nearby was extended and BR delivered timber here for unloading and onward shipment [1].

The depot had a narrow gauge(NG) Tramway of approximately 2ft 0in gauge and beleived to have been hand worked. It was used for the movement of timber from the mainline railway wagons to the wharves for loading onto ships. By 1922 the resposibility for the Depot passed to the Burma Forest Department [1].


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