Rathmore to Rochfortsland

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A list of townlands of Ireland from Abartagh to Aghyrassy, together with alternative possibilities for the parish and county in which it is located. See Irish Townlands Category for further lists of townslands.

Townland Parish County Remarks
Rathmore Donegore Antrim
Rathmore Nilteen Grange Antrim
Rathmore Rathmore Carlow
Rath More Feenagh Clare
Rathmore St. Anne's Shandon Cork
Rathmore Kinsale Cork
Rathmore Ringcurran Cork
Rathmore Tullagh Cork
Rathmore Inishmacsaint Donegal
Rathmore Belleek Fermanagh
Rathmore Cummer Galway
Rath More Kilcummin Kerry
Rath More Kilnanare Kerry
Rathmore O'Brennan Kerry
Rathmore Ardkill Kildare
Rathmore Bodenstown Kildare
Rath More Kilcolman Offaly
Rathmore Monasteroris Offaly
Rathmore Clonyhurk Offaly
Rathmore Columbkille Longford
Rathmore Noughaval Longford
Rathmore Philipstown Louth Upper Dundalk Barony
Rathmore Crossmolina Mayo
Rathmore Rathmore Meath
Rathmore Donaghmoyne Monaghan
Rathmore Ballyadams Laois
Rathmore Donaghmore Laois
Rathmore Stradbally Laois
Rathmore Kilbride Roscommon
Rathmore Killukin Roscommon
Rathmore Kiltrustan Roscommon
Rathmore Killoran Sligo
Rathmore Borrisokane Tipperary
Rathmore Caher Tipperary
Rathmore Kilmacnevan Westmeath
Rathmore St. Iberius Wexford
Rathmore Killiskey Wicklow
Rathmoreahanduff Killimorbologue Galway
Rathmore Demesne Killimorbologue Galway
Rathmore East Rathmore Kildare
Rathmore North Monasteranenagh Limerick
Rathmore South Monasteranenagh Limerick
Rathmore West Rathmore Kildare
Rathmorgan Ballyhay Cork
Rathmorgan Kilcommon Mayo Erris Barony
Rathmorrel Killury Kerry
Rathmorrissy Athenry Galway
Rathmount Drumcullen Offaly
Rath Mountain Drumhome Donegal
Rathmoy Glenkeen Tipperary
Rathmoylan Rathmoylan Waterford
Rathmoyle Killeely Galway
Rathmoyle Ballinamara Kilkenny
Rathmoyle Borrisnafarney Offaly
Rathmoyle Ballyburly Offaly
Rathmoyle Crossmolina Mayo
Rathmoyle Abbeyleix Laois
Rathmoyle Baslick Roscommon
Rathmuck Duneany Kildare
Rathmullan Killygarvan Donegal
Rathmullan Donore Meath
Rathmullan Lower Rathmullan Down
Rathmullan T. Killygarvan Donegal
Rathmullan Upper Rathmullan Down
Rathmulpatrick Kilmacallan Sligo
Rathmurphy Castleconor Sligo
Rathmurragh Killoughy Offaly
Rathnabo Blessington Wicklow
Rathnacally Cooliney Cork
Rathnacarton Castletownroche Cork
Rathnaconeen Ballynahaglish Mayo
Rathnacreeva Rosslee Mayo
Rathnadoffy Rathreagh Mayo
Rathnafushoge Hacketstown Carlow
Rathnagard Kilbrin Cork
Rathnageeragh Fennagh Carlow
Rathnageeragh Owenduff Wexford
Rathnaglye Ogulla Roscommon
Rathnagore Kilbradran Limerick
Rathnagrew Lower Hacketstown Carlow
Rathnagrew Upper Hacketstown Carlow
Rathnaguppaun Ballinrobe Mayo
Rathnakelliga Emlaghfad Sligo
Rathnaleen North Lisbunny Tipperary
Rathnaleen South Lisbunny Tipperary
Rathnaleugh Rathdowney Laois
Rathnallog Kilcorkey Roscommon
Rathnally Kilcooly Meath
Rathnalour Newchapel Tipperary
Rathnalulleagh Ballintober Roscommon
Rathnamagh Kilfian Mayo
Rathnamanagh Borris Laois
Rathnameneenagh Ardmore Waterford
Rathnameneenagh Ringagonagh Waterford
Rathnamuddagh Dysart Westmeath
Rathnaneane Monagay Limerick
Rathnapish Carlow Carlow
Rathnarovanagh Kilmore Roscommon
Rathnarrow Killucan Westmeath
Rathnarrow (Brett) Kilvarnet Sligo
Rathnarrow (O'Hara) Kilvarnet Sligo
Rathnaruogy Inishannon Cork
Rathnaseer Nantinan Limerick
Rathnashannagh Grangeford Carlow
Rathnaskilloge Stradbally Waterford
Rathnasliggeen Kiltegan Tipperary
Rathnasmolagh Dunkitt Kilkenny
Rathnaveoge Lower Rathnaveoge Tipperary
Rathnaveoge Upper Rathnaveoge Tipperary
Rathnawooraun Templemurry Mayo
Rathneaveen (Ormond) Tipperary Tipperary
Rathneaveen (Ryan) Tipperary Tipperary
Rathnedan Ballymore Wexford
Rathnee Ballyclogh Cork
Rathneestin Philipstown Louth Ardee Barony
Rathneety Killincoole Louth
Rathneety Louth Louth
Rathnew Conry Westmeath
Rathnew T. Rathnew Wicklow
Rathnugent Castletownkindalen Westmeath
Rathnure Clonfad Westmeath
Rathnure Rossdroit Wexford
Rathnure Lower Killann Wexford
Rathnure Upper Killann Wexford
Rathokelly Molough Tipperary
Rathokelly Neddans Tipperary
Ratholm Ballybrennan Wexford
Rathoma Ballysakeery Mayo
Rathonoane Cannaway Cork
Rathonoragh Killaspugbrone Sligo
Rathoonagh Kilbride Mayo
Rathoran Duagh Kerry
Rathordan St. Patricksrock Tipperary
Rathorgan Dungourney Cork
Rathornan Tullowcreen Carlow
Rathory Tallanstown Louth
Rathoscar Fertagh Kilkenny
Rathosey Killoran Sligo
Rathosheen Erke Kilkenny
Rathowen Rathaspick Westmeath
Rathowen Russagh Westmeath
Rathowen East Killala Mayo
Rathowen (Edward) Rathaspick Westmeath
Rathowen T. Rathaspick Westmeath
Rathowen West Killala Mayo
Rathpalatine Mahoonagh Limerick
Rathpatrick Erke Kilkenny
Rathpatrick Rathpatrick Kilkenny
Rathpeacon Whitechurch Cork
Rathpeak Moore Roscommon
Rathphaudin Templeludigan Wexford
Rathphelan Offerlane Laois
Rathpierce Hill Kilnenor Wexford
Rathpierce Lower Kilnenor Wexford
Rathpierce Upper Kilnenor Wexford
Rathpiper North Rathdowney Laois
Rathpiper South Rathdowney Laois
Rathpoge East Kilcolman Kerry
Rathpoge West Kilcolman Kerry
Rathpoleen Erke Kilkenny
Rathquage Kilbarrymeaden Waterford
Rathquarter Calry Sligo
Rathranna Clonfert Cork
Rathreagh Erke Kilkenny
Rathreagh Rathreagh Mayo
Rathreagh Beg Clonagh Limerick
Rathreagh More Clonagh Limerick
Rathredmond Manulla Mayo
Rathredmond Ballinrobe Mayo
Rathreedaun Kilgarvan Mayo
Rathregan Rathregan Meath
Rathreynolds Siddan Meath
Rathrippin Ballysadare Sligo
Rathroal Haynestown Louth
Rathrobin Killoughy Offaly
Rathroe Cullen Cork
Rathroe Ballinaboy Cork
Rathroe Lisselton Kerry
Rathroe Kilfian Mayo
Rathroe Shankill Roscommon
Rathroe Killenaule Tipperary
Rathroeen Ballysakeery Mayo
Rathrolan Ballymore Wexford
Rathrolan Tacumshin Wexford
Rathronan Rathronan Tipperary
Rathronan Mulrankin Wexford
Rathronan Demesne Rathronan Tipperary
Rathronshin Lea Laois
Rathrowan Bohola Mayo
Rathruane Beg Skull Cork
Rathruane More Skull Cork
Rathrush Gilbertstown Carlow
Rathrushel Templemore Mayo
Rathsallagh Abbeyshrule Longford
Rathsallagh Tullamain Tipperary
Rathsallagh Rathsallagh Wicklow
Rathsallagh Demesne Rathsallagh Wicklow
Rathsaran Glebe Rathsaran Laois
Rathsasseragh Corroge Tipperary
Rathscanlan Kilconduff Mayo
Rathscanlan Achonry Sligo
Rathscannel Killahan Kerry
Rathshane Foyran Westmeath
Rathshanmore East Hacketstown Wicklow
Rathshanmore South Hacketstown Wicklow
Rathshanmore West Hacketstown Wicklow
Rathsherry Skerry Antrim
Rathshillane Tacumshin Wexford
Rathsillagh Kilgarvan Wexford
Rathsillagh Lower Fontstown Kildare
Rathsillagh Upper Fontstown Kildare
Rathskeagh Lower Killare Westmeath
Rathskeagh Upper Killare Westmeath
Rathslevin Bohola Mayo
Rathsnagadan The Rower Kilkenny
Rathstephen Moynalty Meath
Rathstewart St. Michael's Kildare
Rathtermon Killaraght Sligo
Rathtillig Killabban Laois
Rathtinaun Killaraght Sligo
Rathtinny Glebe Drumhome Donegal
Rathtoe Gilbertstown Carlow
Rathtoole Rathtoole Wicklow
Rathtooterny or Floodhall Jerpointchurch Kilkenny
Rathtrasna Drumcondra Meath
Rathtrillick Tynan Armagh
Rathtrim Rathconrath Westmeath
Rathtroane Rathcore Meath
Rathturtin Killegney Wexford
Rathumney Owenduff Wexford
Rath Upper Lismore and Mocollop Waterford
Rath Upper Noughaval Westmeath
Rathurd Donaghmore Limerick
Rathurd St. Nicholas Limerick
Rathure North Drumcullen Offaly
Rathure South Drumcullen Offaly
Rathurles Kilruane Tipperary
Rathurles Commonage Kilruane Tipperary
Rathurlisk Templeboy Sligo
Rathvaldron Ardagh Longford
Rathvallikeen Ringcurran Cork
Rathvarrin Ardoyne Carlow
Rathvergin Ruan Clare
Rathvilla or Rathclonbrackan Monasteroris Offaly
Rathvilly Rathvilly Carlow
Rathvilly T. Rathvilly Carlow
Rathvinden Tullowcreen Carlow
Rathvinden Wells Carlow
Rathwade Agha Carlow
Rathwalkin Kildare Kildare
Rathwalter Tullaghmelan Tipperary
Rathwarren Donacavey Tyrone
Rath West Ballyvourney Cork
Rathwilladoon Beagh Galway
Rathwire Lower Killucan Westmeath
Rathwire T. Killucan Westmeath
Rathwire Upper Killucan Westmeath
Rathwood Abington Limerick
Rathyark Mulrankin Wexford
Rat Island Kilmore Roscommon
Ratoal Galloon Fermanagh
Ratoath Ratoath Meath
Ratoath Manor Ratoath Meath
Ratoath T. Ratoath Meath
Ratona Rossorry Fermanagh
Ratooragh Skull Cork
Ratoran Enniskillen Fermanagh
Ratory Clogher Tyrone
Ratra Tibohine Roscommon
Ratrass Killucan Westmeath
Ratrussan Kildrumsherdan Cavan
Ratteen Taughboyne Donegal
Rattin Killucan Westmeath
Rattinagh Kilglass Roscommon
Rattoo Rattoo Kerry
Rattoo Island Rattoo Kerry
Ratyn Ardstraw Tyrone
Rausakeera North Kilmainemore Mayo
Rausakeera South Kilmainemore Mayo
Rausker Clontibret Monaghan
Ravakeel Kilnaglory Cork
Ravanny Louth Louth
Ravara Killinchy Down
Raveagh Donacavey Tyrone
Raveege Ballintober Roscommon
Ravel Dunleer Louth
Ravellea Carnteel Tyrone
Ravenfield or Aghadoon Denn Cavan
Ravensdale Laraghbryan Kildare
Ravensdale Park or Anaverna Ballymascanlan Louth
Ravenswell Oldconnaught Dublin
Ravernet Blaris Down
Raw Magheraculmoney Fermanagh
Raw Aghalurcher Fermanagh
Raw Aghnamullen Monaghan
Raw Clogherny Tyrone
Rawes Tynan Armagh
Rawleystown Cahercorney Limerick
Rawros Mevagh Donegal
Raws Lower Donaghmore Donegal
Raws Upper Donaghmore Donegal
Ray Templeport Cavan
Ray Aughnish Donegal
Ray Kilmacrenan Donegal
Ray Raymunterdoney Donegal
Rayhill Killallaghtan Galway
Raymoghy Raymoghy Donegal
Raymondstown Dromin Limerick
Raynestown Rathbeggan Meath
Raystown Ratoath Meath
Rea Abbeystrowry Cork
Rea Kilflyn Kerry
Rea Duagh Kerry
Rea-allen Kilmeen Cork Duhallow Barony
Reaboy Kilcummin Kerry
Reacashlagh Templenoe Kerry
Reacaslagh Killinane Kerry
Reacaslagh Ballincuslane Kerry
Reacaumaglanna Lismore and Mocollop Waterford
Readesbarn Kilmaganny Kilkenny
Readoty Ringagonagh Waterford
Readrinagh Kilcummin Kerry
Readsland Dunshaughlin Meath
Readstown Laracor Meath
Reafadda Toem Tipperary
Reagh Kilcrohane Cork
Reagh Cloonfinlough Roscommon
Reaghan Tynagh Galway
Reaghan Cappagh Tyrone
Reaghfa Killone Clare
Reagh Island Tullynakill Down
Reaghstown Philipstown Louth Ardee Barony
Reagoulane Toem Tipperary
Reagrellagh Inishcarra Cork
Reagrove Ballyfoyle Cork
Reahouse Killag Wexford
Realtoge Brownstown Meath
Realtons Kilskeery Tyrone
Reamanagh Ballymacart Waterford
Reamanagh East Ardmore Waterford
Reamanagh West Ardmore Waterford
Reanabarna Lismore and Mocollop Waterford
Reanabobul Ballyvourney Cork
Reanaboola Ardmore Waterford
Reanabrone St. Patrick's Clare
Reanacaheragh Kilmichael Cork
Reanaclogheen Ardmore Waterford
Reanacoolagh East Lismore and Mocollop Waterford
Reanacoolagh West Lismore and Mocollop Waterford
Reanadampaun Commons Seskinan Waterford
Reanadampaun Commons Kilronan Waterford
Reanagashel Kilmeen Cork Duhallow Barony
Reanagillee Commons Killeedy Limerick
Reanagishagh Kilmaley Clare
Reanagowan Ballymacelligott Kerry
Reanagullee Ardmore Waterford
Reanahoun Clonfert Cork
Reanahumana Feakle Clare
Reananerree Kilnamartry Cork
Reanascreena North Ross Cork
Reanascreena South Ross Cork
Reanaskeha Ardmore Waterford
Reanasup Nohavaldaly Kerry
Reanaviddoge Ardmore Waterford
Reandallane Kilmeen Cork Duhallow Barony
Reanduff Mogeely Cork Kinnatalloon Barony
Reaniesglen Nohaval Cork
Reanieshouse Ballyfoyle Cork
Rearahinagh Caheragh Cork
Rearahinagh Dromdaleague Cork
Reardnogy Beg Abington Tipperary
Reardnogy More Abington Tipperary
Rearoe Shanrahan Tipperary
Rearour Kilbonane Cork
Rearour and Barrettshill Ballinaboy Cork
Rearour North Mogeely Cork Kinnatalloon Barony
Rearour South Mogeely Cork Kinnatalloon Barony
Reary Beg Rearymore Laois
Reary More Rearymore Laois
Rearyvalley or Clonygark Rearymore Laois
Reask Annagelliff Cavan
Reask Tynagh Galway
Reask Clonfert Galway
Reask Marhin Kerry
Reask Tuoghcluggin Limerick
Reask Bekan Mayo
Reask Duleek Meath
Reask Emlagh Meath
Reask Kilbrew Meath
Reask Killaraght Sligo
Reaskaun Templemaley Clare
Reaskavalla Solloghodmore Tipperary
Reaskcamoge Kilfinaghta Clare
Reaskcor Donaghmore Tyrone
Reaskgarriff Ardrahan Galway
Reaskmore Killora Galway
Reaskmore Meelick Galway
Reaskmore Donaghmore Tyrone
Reaskrevagh Kilchreest Galway
Reatagh Fenoagh Waterford
Reavaun Killeentierna Kerry
Reavilleen Ross Cork
Reavouler Kilmacabea Cork
Rebane Aghnamullen Monaghan
Reboge St. Patrick's Limerick
Reboge Island St. Patrick's Limerick
Reboge Meadows St. Patrick's Limerick
Recarson Cappagh Tyrone
Reclain Donaghmore Tyrone
Redacres North Killahy Kilkenny
Redacres South Killahy Kilkenny
Redbarn Clonpriest Cork
Red Bay Layd Antrim
Redbog Clonmore Carlow
Redbog Rathmore Kildare
Redbog Gowran Kilkenny
Redbog Kilmacahill Kilkenny
Redbog Louth Louth
Redbog Dunshaughlin Meath
Redbrae Rossinver Leitrim
Redcastle Clonenagh and Clonagheen Laois
Redcity Redcity Tipperary
Redcow Clondalkin Dublin
Redcow Dundalk Louth
Redcowfarm Palmerston Dublin
Redcross Redcross Wicklow
Redcross T. Redcross Wicklow
Reddanswalk Templenoe Tipperary
Reddina Killurin Wexford
Reddysland St. Mary's Wexford Bantry Barony
Redeen Ballycallan Kilkenny
Redford Glebe Clonca Donegal
Redgap Rathcoole Dublin
Redgap Kilcolumb Kilkenny
Redhall Templecorran Antrim
Redhill Annagh Mayo
Redhill Templemore Mayo
Redhill Demesne Annagh Cavan
Redhills Kildare Kildare
Redhills Abbeyleix Laois
Redhill T. Annagh Cavan
Redhouse Killaloe Kilkenny
Redhouse St. Mary's Wexford Bantry Barony
Red Island Inishcaltra Clare
Red Island Clondahorky Donegal
Red Island Moyrus Galway
Red Island Moyrus Galway
Red Island Ross Galway
Red Island Cashel Longford
Red Island Shrule Mayo
Redmondstown Kilgrant Tipperary
Redmondstown Churchtown Westmeath
Redmondstown Rathaspick Wexford
Redmondstown Ballynaslaney Wexford
Redmoor Killag Wexford
Redmountain Duleek Meath
Redpark Tynagh Galway
Redtrench North Kilgarvan Kerry
Redtrench South Kilgarvan Kerry
Reduff Aghnamullen Monaghan
Redwood Dorrha Tipperary
Redwood Lorrha Tipperary
Ree Agivey Derry
Reechestown Rochestown Tipperary
Reedstown Tacumshin Wexford
Reen Tynan Armagh
Reen Kilcaskan Cork
Reen Myross Cork
Reen Templenoe Kerry
Reen Killarney Kerry
Reen Killorglin Kerry
Reenabulliga Kilcaskan Cork
Reenacappul Kilcrohane Cork
Reenadisert Kilmocomoge Cork
Reenaknock Kilmocomoge Cork
Reenard Caher Kerry
Reenavanna East Doon Limerick
Reenavanna West Doon Limerick
Reenavanny Kilmocomoge Cork
Reenbeg Dingle Kerry
Reenboy Cloghane Kerry
Reencaheragh Killemlagh Kerry
Reenconnell Kilmalkedar Kerry
Reencorreen Abbeystrowry Cork
Reendacussane Castlehaven Cork
Reenearagh Kilcrohane Kerry
Reengarrigeen Kilmaloda Cork
Reenkilla Tuosist Kerry
Reenmeen East Kilcaskan Cork
Reenmeen West Kilcaskan Cork
Reenmore Island Creagh Cork
Reenmurragha Aghadown Cork
Reennacoola Prior Kerry
Reennafardarrig Killiney Kerry
Reennanallagane Glanbehy Kerry
Reenogrena Kilfaughnabeg Cork
Reenroe Kilgarriff Cork
Reenroe Dromdaleague Cork
Reenroe Prior Kerry
Reenrour East Kilmocomoge Cork
Reenrour West Kilmocomoge Cork
Reens East Kilscannell Limerick
Reens West Kilscannell Limerick
Reentrusk Kilnamanagh Cork
Reenturk Kilnaughtin Kerry
Reenydonagan Kilmocomoge Cork
Reerasta North Ardagh Limerick
Reerasta South Ardagh Limerick
Reevanagh Tiscoffin Kilkenny
Reeves Donaghcumper Kildare
Regaile Guile Tipperary
Regan Kilmannan Wexford
Regeens Lusk Dublin
Regles Lusk Dublin
Rehaghy Aghaloo Tyrone
Rehill Caher Kerry
Rehill Shanrahan Tipperary
Rehill Tubbrid Tipperary
Rehy East Kilballyowen Clare
Rehy West Kilballyowen Clare
Reilly Kinawley Fermanagh
Reillys Trench Hillsborough Down
Reisk Upperchurch Tipperary
Reisk Reisk Waterford
Relagh Enniskillen Fermanagh
Relagh Magheracross Fermanagh
Relagh Kilskeery Tyrone
Relagh Beg Moybolgue Cavan
Relaghdooey Drumragh Tyrone
Relagh Guinness Kilskeery Tyrone
Relagh More Moybolgue Cavan
Releagh Kilcaskan Kerry
Relessy Aghalurcher Tyrone
Relick (Longworth) Piercetown Westmeath
Relick (Malone) Piercetown Westmeath
Rellan Clones Fermanagh
Reloagh Donaghmore Tyrone
Remeen Ballinamara Kilkenny
Remeen Tullaroan Kilkenny
Renaghmore Kilcooly Tipperary
Renalicka Clooney Clare Corcomroe Barony
Renny Lower Kilcummer Cork
Renny Upper Kilcummer Cork
Renogher Glebe Currin Fermanagh
Rerrin Killaconenagh Cork
Reskatirriff Carnteel Tyrone
Retreat St. Mary's Westmeath Brawny Barony
Retreat or Cloghglass Layd Antrim
Revallagh North Ballyrashane Antrim
Revallagh South Ballyrashane Antrim
Reviewfields St. Patrick's Kilkenny
Revlin Killymard Donegal
Reycroftspark Ardcarn Roscommon
Reyfad Boho Fermanagh
Reynabrone Ballynakill Galway Leitrim Barony
Reynclamper Ballynakill Galway Leitrim Barony
Reynella Rathconnell Westmeath
Reynoldstown Naul Dublin
Reynoldstown Mayne Louth
Reyrawer Kilthomas Galway
Rhine Killoe Longford
Ribstown Rathregan Meath
Ricehill or Coolnagor Kilmore Cavan
Ricesland Knocktopher Kilkenny
Ricetown Killary Meath
Ricetown Mitchelstown Meath
Richardstown Caherduggan Cork
Richardstown Lusk Dublin
Richardstown Mainham Kildare
Richardstown Dromin Louth
Richardstown Richardstown Louth
Richardstown Moorechurch Meath
Richard Taaffes Holding Louth Louth
Richfield Killag Wexford
Richfield (Reclaimed) Killag Wexford
Richfort or Cooleeshil Ardagh Longford
Richhill Stradbally Limerick
Rich Hill or Legacorry Kilmore Armagh
Rich Hill T. Kilmore Armagh
Richmond Clonturk Dublin
Richmond Kilkerrin Galway
Richmond Crossmolina Mayo
Richmond Monsea Tipperary
Richmond Errigal Keerogue Tyrone
Richmond T. Clonturk Dublin
Richmondvilla Crecora Limerick
Richmount or Aghavellan Drumcree Armagh
Rickamore Templepatrick Antrim
Rickardsland North Kilcoan Kilkenny
Rickardsland South Kilcoan Kilkenny
Rickardstown Morristownbiller Kildare
Rickardstown Killulagh Westmeath
Rickardstown Kilmore Wexford
Rickardstown Lower Harristown Kildare
Rickardstown Upper Harristown Kildare
Ricketstown Rahill Carlow
Ricketstown or Bettyfield Kineagh Carlow
Ricketstown North Kineagh Carlow
Ricketstown South Kineagh Carlow
Ricks Island Beagh Galway
Riddlestown Doondonnell Limerick
Ridge Oldleighlin Carlow
Ridge Borrismore Kilkenny
Ridgemount or Ballybrackan Ballyboy Offaly
Riesk Templebodan Cork
Riesk Ballycallan Kilkenny
Riesk Killaloe Kilkenny
Riesk Tullaghanbrogue Kilkenny
Riesk Castle-ellis Wexford
Riesk Killila Wexford
Riesk Killag Wexford
Rigg Rossorry Fermanagh
Riggins Kilbrew Meath
Riggins Macetown Meath
Rigsdale Dunderrow Cork
Rin Gallen Offaly
Rinagall Kilbelfad Mayo
Rinaghan Carrick Kildare
Rinagry Kilbelfad Mayo
Rinakilleen Kilbelfad Mayo
Rinanagh Kilmore Mayo
Rinaneel Burriscarra Mayo
Rinanny Island Kilteevan Roscommon
Rinawade Lower Donaghcumper Kildare
Rinawade Upper Donaghcumper Kildare
Rinbaun Achonry Sligo
Rinboy Clondavaddog Donegal
Rinbrack Meelick Mayo
Rinclevan Clondahorky Donegal
Rincoolagh Granard Longford
Rincrew Templemichael Waterford
Rincullia Robertstown Limerick
Rindifin Beagh Galway
Rine Quin Clare
Rine Oughtmama Clare
Rine Tulla Clare
Rineanna North Kilconry Clare
Rineanna South Kilconry Clare
Rinecaha Kilkeedy Clare
Rineen Island Cork
Rineenacolla Kilconry Clare
Rinelea Ruan Clare
Rinemackaderrig Moyarta Clare
Rineroe Kilmurry Clare Ibrickan Barony
Rineroe Kiltenanlea Clare
Rineroe Adare Limerick
Rinerrinagh Dysert Clare
Ring Kilmacdonogh Cork
Ring Balscaddan Dublin
Ring Derrybrusk Fermanagh
Ring Trory Fermanagh
Ring Carn Wexford
Ring Ishartmon Wexford
Ring Tacumshin Wexford
Ring Enniskillen Fermanagh
Ringabella Tracton Cork
Ringacoltig Clonmel Cork
Ringaheen Rathmacknee Wexford
Ringaphuca Dungarvan Waterford
Ringarraun Ballyhean Mayo
Ringaskiddy Barnahely Cork
Ringawaddy Dunsfort Down
Ringbane Saul Down
Ringbane Donaghmore Down
Ringbaun Kilturk Wexford
Ringbaun Burrow Kilturk Wexford
Ringclare Donaghmore Down
Ring Commons Balscaddan Dublin
Ring Commons (1st Division) Hollywood Dublin
Ring Commons (2nd Division) Hollywood Dublin
Ringcreevy Comber Down
Ringcrehy Dungarvan Waterford
Ringdufferin Killyleagh Down
Ring East Kinure Cork
Ringeelaun Drumacoo Galway
Ringfad Ardglass Down
Ringfinnan Ringrone Cork
Ring Green Carn Wexford
Ringhaddy Killinchy Down
Ringknock Tacumshin Wexford
Ringlestown Kilmessan Meath
Ring Little Carn Wexford
Ringmackilroy Warrenspoint Down
Ringmeen Clonmel Cork
Ringmoylan Ardcanny Limerick
Ringmoylan Kilcornan Limerick
Ringnanean Kilmonoge Cork
Ringnasilloge Dungarvan Waterford
Ringneill Tullynakill Down
Ringolish Donaghmore Down
Ringowny Mostrim Longford
Ringrash Beg Macosquin Derry
Ringrash More Macosquin Derry
Ringreagh Kilclief Down
Ringroe Ballyfoyle Cork
Ringroe Ardcrony Tipperary
Ringrone Ringrone Cork
Ringsend Donnybrook Dublin
Ringsherane Carn Wexford
Ringstown Clonenagh and Clonagheen Laois
Ringstown Faughalstown Westmeath
Ringvilla Galloon Fermanagh
Ringville Kilmonoge Cork
Ringville Kilcolumb Kilkenny
Ringville or Ballynagaulbeg T. Ringagonagh Waterford
Ring West Kinure Cork
Ringwood Newcastle Dublin
Ringwood The Rower Kilkenny
Rinkinstown Rathdrumin Louth
Rinkippeen Tuam Galway
Rinmore Clondavaddog Donegal
Rinmore St. Nicholas Galway
Rinmore Kilbelfad Mayo
Rinn Drumlane Cavan
Rinn Killeely Galway
Rinn Oranmore Galway
Rinn Cloone Leitrim
Rinn Aghamore Mayo
Rinn Rosenallis Laois
Rinn Ardcarn Roscommon
Rinn Killaspugbrone Sligo
Rinn Kilshalvy Sligo
Rinn Ballysadare Sligo
Rinnacurreen Kiltoghert Leitrim
Rinnafarset Templecrone Donegal
Rinnagan St. John's Roscommon
Rinnagowna Mohill Leitrim
Rinnaharney Annaghdown Galway
Rinnahulty Manulla Mayo
Rinnakill Glencolumbkille Donegal
Rinnaknock Killursa Galway
Rinnamona Killinaboy Clare
Rinnananny Toomore Mayo
Rinnaraw Clondahorky Donegal
Rinnarogue Cloonoghil Sligo
Rinnaseer Islandeady Mayo
Rinnashinnagh Kilcommon Mayo Erris Barony
Rinnasligo Clondahorky Donegal
Rinn and Clogher Killashee Longford
Rinneen Quin Clare
Rinneen Kilmanaheen Clare
Rinneen Ruan Clare
Rinneen Kiltartan Galway
Rinneen Kinvarradoorus Galway
Rinneen Moycullen Galway
Rinneen Kilcrohane Kerry
Rinnenny Mostrim Longford
Rinnerroon Kilcummin Galway
Rinrainy Island Templecrone Donegal
Rinroe Kilkeedy Clare
Rinroe Granard Longford
Rinroe Castleconor Sligo
Rinrush Kiltartan Galway
Rinshinna Breaghwy Mayo
Rinskea Clonrush Galway
Rintulla Kilcornan Limerick
Rinvanny Clonbroney Longford
Rinville East Oranmore Galway
Rinville T. Oranmore Galway
Rinville West Oranmore Galway
Riscrann St. Helen's Wexford
Risk Ballyrashane Antrim
Risk Moira Down
Risk Aghadowey Derry
Riverchapel T. Ardamine Wexford
Riverdale Killucan Westmeath
River Island Ballyovey Mayo
Riverlawn Ballymackey Tipperary
Riverlyons or Clonarrow Kilclonfert Offaly
Rivers Killeenagarriff Limerick
Rivers Kilmurry Limerick
Rivers Stradbally Limerick
Riversdale Killeroran Galway
Riversfield Callan Kilkenny
Riversfield Ardpatrick Limerick
Riverstick or Owenavaddy Killaan Galway
Riverstown Ballydeloher Cork
Riverstown Templeusque Cork
Riverstown Ballybrackan Kildare
Riverstown Ardee Louth
Riverstown Tara Meath
Riverstown Duleek Meath
Riverstown Piercetown Meath
Riverstown Kilshalvy Sligo
Riverstown Drumragh Tyrone
Riverstown Killucan Westmeath
Riverstown Killag Wexford
Riverstown T. Templeusque Cork
Riverstown T. Drumcolumb Sligo also in Kilmacallan parish.
Riverstown T. Kilmacallan Sligo also in Drumcolumb parish.
Riverstown T. Loughkeen Tipperary
Riverview Edermine Wexford
Rivory Urney Cavan
Roachpond St. John's Kilkenny
Road Ballyburly Offaly
Roadford T. Killilagh Clare
Roadmain Cushinstown Meath
Roadquarter Kiltullagh Roscommon
Roads Killinane Kerry
Roadstown or Ballinvally Cloonoghil Sligo
Roan Upperchurch Tipperary
Roan Killenaule Tipperary
Roan Clonfeacle Tyrone
Roancarrick Island Inishkeel Donegal
Roancarrig-beg (rock) Kilcaskan Cork
Roancarrig-more (rock) Kilcaskan Cork
Roanish Island Inishkeel Donegal
Roanstown Ballymaglassan Meath
Robeen Robeen Mayo
Robeenard Kilcommon Mayo Kilmaine Barony
Robertshill St. Canice Kilkenny
Robertstown Ballyfeard Cork
Robertstown Robertstown Limerick
Robertstown Kilbeg Meath
Robertstown Donaghmore Meath
Robertstown Kilrossanty Waterford
Robertstown Rossmire Waterford
Robertstown East Kilmeage Kildare
Robertstown T. Kilmeage Kildare
Robertstown West Kilmeage Kildare
Robinhood Drimnagh Dublin
Robinhood or Cloonlish Kiltullagh Roscommon
Robinrath Navan Meath
Robinstown Kilmakevoge Kilkenny
Robinstown Granard Longford
Robinstown Killaconnigan Meath
Robinstown Kilskeer Meath
Robinstown Kilcumny Westmeath
Robinstown Carrick Westmeath
Robinstown Clonfad Westmeath
Robinstown Lickbla Westmeath
Robinstown Duncormick Wexford
Robinstown Great Castletowndelvin Westmeath
Robinstown Great Oldross Wexford
Robinstown (Levinge) Mullingar Westmeath
Robinstown Little Castletowndelvin Westmeath
Robinstown Little Oldross Wexford
Robinstown Lower Rathgarve Westmeath
Robinstown (Tyrrell) Mullingar Westmeath
Robinstown Upper Rathgarve Westmeath
Robswalls Portmarnock Dublin
Roche Kane Louth
Roche Roche Louth
Rochestown Carrigaline Cork
Rochestown Templetrine Cork
Rochestown Kill Dublin
Rochestown Gilltown Kildare
Rocheshill Kill Dublin
Rochestown Kilcolumb Kilkenny
Rochestown Rathkieran Kilkenny
Rochestown Rochestown Limerick
Rochestown Gernonstown Meath
Rochestown Rochestown Tipperary
Rochestown Lickbla Westmeath
Rochestown Oldross Wexford
Rochestown Duncormick Wexford
Rochestown Taghmon Wexford
Rochestown Drinagh Wexford
Rochestown Ballylannan Wexford
Rochestown Domain Kill Dublin
Rochestown or Raheenarostia Newbawn Wexford
Rochfordstown Inishkenny Cork
Rochfortbridge T. Castlelost Westmeath
Rochfort Demesne Moylisker Westmeath
Rochfortsland or Mountainpole Kells Meath