Russa to Sesnagh

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A list of townlands of Ireland from Abartagh to Aghyrassy, together with alternative possibilities for the parish and county in which it is located. See Irish Townlands Category for further lists of townslands.

Townland Parish County Remarks
Russa Clooney Clare Corcomroe Barony
Russagh Abbeystrowry Cork
Russagh Ardnurcher or Horseleap Offaly
Russagh Russagh Westmeath
Russaun Kilbeacanty Galway
Russborough Burgage Wicklow
Russelhill Knockavilly Cork
Russellspenn Drumcullen Offaly
Russells Quarter Down Down
Russells Quarter North Saul Down
Russells Quarter South Saul Down
Russellstown Killerrig Carlow
Russellstown Rathernan Kildare
Russellstown Kilberry Kildare
Russellstown Kilmenan Kilkenny
Russellstown The Rower Kilkenny
Russellstown Kilronan Waterford
Russellstown Mullingar Westmeath
Russellstown Kilcowan Wexford
Russellstown Burgage Wicklow
Russellstown Little Mullingar Westmeath
Russellstown New Kilronan Waterford
Russellswood Carrick Kildare
Russelstown Addergoole Galway
Russelstown Solloghodmore Tipperary
Ruthstown Kilmademoge Kilkenny
Ruthstown Kilmadum Kilkenny
Rutland Kilcomin Offaly
Rutland Island or Inishmacadurn Templecrone Donegal
Rutland or Urglin Urglin Carlow
Ryan Newry Down
Ryane Edermine Wexford
Ryecourt Moviddy Cork
Ryefield Munterconnaught Cavan
Ryefield East Whitechurch Cork
Ryefield or Runnateggal Creeve Roscommon
Ryefield West Whitechurch Cork
Ryefort or Aghateggal Denn Cavan
Ryehill Tuam Galway
Ryehill Demesne Monivea Galway
Ryelands Raymoghy Donegal
Ryelanes Tullaghanbrogue Kilkenny
Rylagh Cappagh Tyrone
Ryland Lower St. Mary's Newtownbarry Wexford
Rylands Drumragh Tyrone
Rylands Bodoney Lower Tyrone
Ryland Upper St. Mary's Newtownbarry Wexford
Rylane Clooney Clare Bunratty Upper Barony
Rylane Aghabulloge Cork
Rylane Duagh Kerry
Rylanes Rathkeale Limerick
Rylanes Ballingarry Limerick Connello Upper Barony
Ryleen St. Mary's Wexford Bantry Barony
Ryninch Lower Templeachally Tipperary
Ryninch Upper Templeachally Tipperary
Ryves Castle Ballyscaddan Limerick
Sackville Ardfert Kerry
Saddlestown Stamullin Meath
Sadleirswells Tipperary Tipperary
Saggart Saggart Dublin
Saggart T. Saggart Dublin
St. Albans or Lissawly Rathcline Longford
St. Annes Glebe Clongesh Longford
St. Awaries Ladysisland Wexford
St. Brendan's or Cregganagrogy Killian Galway
St. Catherines Confey Kildare
St. Catherine's Park Leixlip Dublin
St. Catherine's Park Leixlip Kildare
St. Catherines or Rossdagamph Inishmacsaint Fermanagh
Saintclerans Lickerrig Galway
Saint Cunning Carncastle Antrim
St. Dominicks Abbey St. Patricksrock Tipperary
Saintdoolaghs Balgriffin Dublin
St. Doolaghs T. Balgriffin Dublin
St. Edmond's Artramon Wexford
St. Edmondsbury Esker Dublin
St. Edmondsbury Lucan Dublin
Saintellen Athenry Galway
Saintfield Parks Saintfield Down
Saintfield T. Saintfield Down
St. Francisabbey St. Mary's Limerick
St. Francisabbey St. John Baptist Tipperary
Sainthelens Portmarnock Dublin
St. Helens St. Helen's Wexford
St. Iberius St. Iberius Wexford
St. James' (Phoenix Park, part of) St. James Dublin
Saintjohn's Castledermot Kildare
Saintjohn's Laracor Meath
Saintjohn's St. John's Wexford Bantry Barony
Saintjohnsfort Siddan Meath
Saint Johns Point Rathmullan Down
St. Johns Rath Staholmog Meath
Saintjohnstown Taughboyne Donegal
St. Johnstown St. Johnstown Tipperary
Saintjohnstown or Ballinalee Clonbroney Longford
Saint Johnstown T. Taughboyne Donegal
Saintkierans Tintern Wexford
Saintlaurence Palmerston Dublin
St. Laurencesfields Loughrea Galway
Saintleonards Tintern Wexford
St. Macdara's Island Moyrus Galway
St. Margarets St. Margaret's Dublin
St. Margarets St. Margaret's Wexford Forth Barony
St. Mullin's St. Mullin's Carlow
St. Patrick's Island Holmpatrick Dublin
St. Patricksrock St. Patricksrock Tipperary
St. Patrickswell T. Kilkeedy Limerick also in Killonahan & Mungret parishes.
St. Patrickswell T. Killonahan Limerick also in Kilkeedy & Mungret parishes.
St. Patrickswell T. Mungret Limerick also in Kilkeedy & Killonahan parishes.
Saints Island Bunratty Clare
Saints Island Templecarn Donegal
Saints Island Cashel Longford
Saints Island Cong Mayo
St. Tenants Ballyconnick Wexford
Saint Thomas' Island St. Patrick's Clare
St. Vogues' Carn Wexford
St. Wolstans Donaghcumper Kildare
Saleen Aglish Mayo
Saleen Ballinrobe Mayo
Salestown Dunboyne Meath
Salia Achill Mayo
Salisbury Kilberry Kildare
Sallagh Carncastle Antrim
Sallaghagrane Conwal Donegal
Sallaghan Killashandra Cavan
Sallaghan Scrabby Cavan
Sallaghan Kiltoghert Leitrim
Sallagher Turlough Mayo
Sallaghill Crosserlough Cavan
Sallaghy Galloon Fermanagh
Sallahig Dromod Kerry
Sallins Bodenstown Kildare
Sallins T. Bodenstown Kildare also in Naas parish.
Sallins T. Naas Kildare also in Bodenstown parish.
Salloon Magheracross Fermanagh
Sallowilly Cumber Upper Derry
Sallow Island Annaduff Leitrim
Sallow Island Clongesh Longford
Sallows Inver Donegal
Sallsquarter Gaile Tipperary
Sallybank (Merritt) or Drumsillagh Kilseily Clare
Sallybank (Parker) or Drumsillagh Kilseily Clare
Sallybog Kilcooly Tipperary
Sallybrook Raymoghy Donegal
Sallybrook Drumcondra Meath
Sallybrook T. Rathcooney Cork
Sallyhernaun Knock Mayo
Sally Island Kilmore Cavan
Sally Island Beagh Galway
Sallymount Donnybrook Dublin
Sallymount Stradbally Limerick
Sallymount Ennereilly Wicklow
Sallymount Demesne Brannockstown Kildare
Sally Noggins T. or Glenagarey Monkstown Dublin
Sally Park Liscarroll Cork
Sallypark Latteragh Tipperary
Sallys Cross Roads T. Castlemagner Cork
Sallysgrove Killesher Fermanagh
Sallystown Kildavin Wexford
Sallywood Donaghmore Donegal
Salmon Balrothery Dublin
Salrock Ballynakill Galway Ballynahinch Barony
Salry Magheracross Fermanagh
Saltee Island Great Kilmore Wexford
Saltee Island Little Kilmore Wexford
Salterbridge Lismore and Mocollop Waterford
Salters Grange Grange Armagh
Salterstown Salterstown Louth
Salthill Demesne Inver Donegal
Salt Island Saul Down
Saltmills St. James & Dunbrody Wexford
Saltmills Tintern Wexford
Saltmills T. Tintern Wexford
Saltpans Templecrone Donegal
Saltpans Killygarvan Donegal
Salt Works Faughanvale Derry
Salville or Motabeg Templeshannon Wexford
Samphire Island Fenit Kerry area 1 acre
Samphire Island Fenit Kerry area 3 roods
Samsonagh Cleenish Fermanagh
Sanaghanroe Clonfeacle Tyrone
Sanctuary Killinick Wexford
Sandbrook or Ballygarret Ballon Carlow
Sandfield Inishkeel Donegal
Sandfield Louth Louth
Sandfordscourt Rathcoole Kilkenny
Sandhill Clondahorky Donegal
Sandhill Inishmacsaint Fermanagh
Sandhill Burrishoole Mayo
Sandhills Currin Monaghan
Sandhills and Corcas Kilconly Kerry
Sandholes Galloon Fermanagh
Sand Island Inishkeel Donegal
Sand Island Cashel Longford
Sandpits Fiddown Kilkenny
Sandville Glanworth Cork
Sandville Donaghedy Tyrone
Sandy Cove Island Kilroan Cork
Sandy Cove T. Kilroan Cork also in Ringrone parish.
Sandy Cove T. Ringrone Cork also in Kilroan parish.
Sandyhill Dungourney Cork
Sandyhill Mogeely Cork Kinnatalloon Barony
Sandyhill St. Margaret's Dublin
Sandyhill Achonry Sligo
Sandyhills Tober Wicklow
Sandy Island Tullagh Cork
Sandylane Abington Limerick
Sandylane Caherconlish Limerick
Sandymount Donnybrook Dublin
Sandymount Burrishoole Mayo
Sandymount Templemore Tipperary
Sandymount T. Donnybrook Dublin
Santry Coolock Dublin
Santry Santry Dublin
Santry Demesne Santry Dublin
Santryhill Blessington Wicklow
Santry T. Santry Dublin
Sapperton North Kilwatermoy Waterford
Sapperton South Kilwatermoy Waterford
Sarnaght Aglish Mayo
Sarney Dunboyne Meath
Sarsanstown Mullingar Westmeath
Sarsfieldscourt Templeusque Cork
Sarsfieldstown Moorechurch Meath
Sarsfieldstown Killucan Westmeath
Sarshill Kilmore Wexford
Sart Ballinamara Kilkenny
Sart Clashacrow Kilkenny
Sarue Castleventry Cork
Saucerstown Swords Dublin
Saucestown Peppardstown Tipperary
Saucestown Rathcool Tipperary
Saul Saul Down
Saul Quarter Down Down
Saunderscourt Kilpatrick Wexford
Saundersgrove Rathbran Wicklow
Saundersgrove Hill Rathbran Wicklow
Savagetown Dunhill Waterford
Savagh Layd Antrim
Saval Beg Newry Down
Saval More Newry Down
Sawelabeg Bodoney Upper Tyrone
Sawnagh Lickmolassy Galway
Sawyerswood Kilberry Kildare
Scaddaman Inishkeel Donegal
Scaffog Rossorry Fermanagh
Scalaheen Cordangan Tipperary
Scalestown Trevet Meath
Scalkill Magheracloone Monaghan
Scallanstown Liscartan Meath
Scallen Kilskeery Tyrone
Scalp Feakle Clare
Scalp Killeeneen Galway
Scalp Ardrahan Galway
Scalp Hollywood Wicklow
Scalpnagown Inchicronan Clare
Scalpwilliam or Mount Mapas Kill Dublin
Scalty Aghadowey Derry
Scandally Devenish Fermanagh
Scanlan's Island Oughtmama Clare
Scanlansland Muckalee Kilkenny Fassadinin Barony
Scar Duncormick Wexford
Scarawalsh Ballycarney Wexford
Scardan Beg Killaspugbrone Sligo
Scardan More Killaspugbrone Sligo
Scardans Lower Belleek Fermanagh
Scardans Upper Belleek Fermanagh
Scardaun Kiltubbrid Leitrim
Scardaun Aghamore Mayo
Scardaun Kilcommon Mayo Erris Barony
Scardaun East Crossboyne Mayo
Scardaun West Crossboyne Mayo
Scardaun Athleague Roscommon
Scariff Kilcrohane Kerry
Scark Ballyanne Wexford
Scarletstown Morristownbiller Kildare
Scarnageeragh or Emyvale Donagh Monaghan
Scarnagh Lower Inch Wexford Gorey Barony
Scarnagh Upper Inch Wexford Gorey Barony
Scarragh Kilbarron Tipperary
Scarreth Ballymacward Galway
Scarriff Cloyne Cork
Scarriff Templemartin Cork
Scarriff Beagh Galway
Scarriff Dromod Kerry
Scarriff T. Tomgraney Clare
Scarroon Kilmanman Laois
Scarrough Donohill Tipperary
Scarry Ballyboy Offaly
Scart Kildorrery Cork
Scart Ballymartle Cork
Scart Clontead Cork
Scart Ballyclogh Cork
Scart Kilbolane Cork
Scart Killaconenagh Cork
Scart Kilcrohane Kerry
Scart Kilcredane Kerry
Scart Nohaval Kerry
Scart Blackrath Kilkenny
Scart Clara Kilkenny
Scart Dungarvan Kilkenny
Scart Rossinan Kilkenny
Scart Cahernarry Limerick
Scart Derrygalvin Limerick
Scart Nantinan Limerick
Scart Kilteely Limerick
Scart Corbally Tipperary
Scart Killardry Tipperary
Scart Tubbrid Tipperary
Scart Kilcockan Waterford
Scart Lismore and Mocollop Waterford
Scart Dungarvan Waterford
Scart Whitechurch Waterford
Scartacrooka Stradbally Waterford
Scartagh Kilgarriff Cork
Scartaglin Castleisland Kerry
Scartaglin T. Castleisland Kerry
Scartana Whitechurch Tipperary
Scartbarry Kilshanahan Cork
Scartbaun Kilmocomoge Cork
Scartbeg Tubbrid Tipperary
Scart East Shanrahan Tipperary
Scarteen Donaghmore Cork
Scarteen Mallow Cork
Scarteen Templenoe Kerry
Scarteen Aghadoe Kerry
Scarteen Ballyscaddan Limerick
Scarteenakillin Skull Cork
Scarteen Lower Clonfert Cork
Scarteen Upper Clonfert Cork
Scart (Hely) Modelligo Waterford
Scartlea Killarney Kerry
Scartlea Dysert Waterford
Scartlea Lower Garranekinnefeake Cork
Scartlea T. Garranekinnefeake Cork
Scartlea Upper Garranekinnefeake Cork
Scartleigh Dysert Kerry
Scart Lower Kilbonane Cork
Scartmountain Modelligo Waterford
Scartnacrooha Lismore and Mocollop Waterford
Scartnadriny Kilgobnet Waterford
Scartnadrinymountain Kilgobnet Waterford
Scartnaglorane Whitechurch Tipperary
Scartnamackagh Killorglin Kerry
Scartnamoe Kilcolumb Kilkenny
Scartnamuck Templemartin Cork
Scartore Dungarvan Waterford
Scart (Sergeant) Modelligo Waterford
Scart Upper Kilbonane Cork
Scart West Shanrahan Tipperary
Scarva Aghaderg Down
Scarvagherin Ardstraw Tyrone
Scarva T. Aghaderg Down
Scarvy Killeevan Monaghan
Scaryhill Ardclinis Antrim
Scatternagh Killossery Dublin
Scatternagh Duleek Meath
Scattery Island Kilrush Clare
Scaughmolin Rathaspick Wexford
Scholarstown Rathfarnham Dublin
Schoolgardens Ightermurragh Cork
School-land Middleton Cork
School Land Clonbroney Longford
Scilly Ringcurran Cork
Scilly Island Castletownarra Tipperary
Scobaun Castlehaven Cork
Scogganstown Ardee Louth
Scolboa Connor Antrim
Scollagh Kilcormick Wexford
Sconce Killoughy Offaly
Sconce Dunboe Derry
Sconce Lower Clonenagh and Clonagheen Laois
Sconce Upper Clonenagh and Clonagheen Laois
Scool Rath Clare
Scor Beg Kilmacumsy Roscommon
Scordaun Ardmore Waterford
Scorduff Kilmurryely Offaly
Scor More Kilmacumsy Roscommon
Scortreen or Knocknagundarragh Clonygoose Carlow
Scotchfort Kilbelfad Mayo
Scotch Island Kilmore Cavan
Scotchomerbane Newtowncrommelin Antrim
Scotchrath Clonenagh and Clonagheen Laois
Scotchtown Magilligan Derry
Scotchtown Derryloran Tyrone
Scotchtown or Gortawee Tomregan Cavan
Scotland Hacketstown Carlow
Scotland Donaghmore Donegal
Scotland Boyounagh Galway
Scotland Tullomoy Laois
Scotsborough Killaloe Kilkenny
Scotsland Duncormick Wexford
Scotstown Urney Tyrone
Scotstown T. Tedavnet Monaghan
Scottstown Rathkenny Meath
Scoul Dromin Limerick
Scoul Uregare Limerick
Scrabbagh Kiltubbrid Leitrim
Scrabbagh Kilmore Roscommon
Scrabby Templeport Cavan
Scrabby Scrabby Cavan
Scrabby T. Scrabby Cavan
Scrabo Newtownards Down
Scragg Kilmastulla Tipperary
Scraggane Stradbally Kerry
Scraggaun St. John Baptist Tipperary
Scraggeen Kilvellane Tipperary
Scraghy Termonamongan Tyrone
Scrahallia Moyrus Galway
Scrahan Nohavaldaly Cork
Scrahan Inchigeelagh Cork
Scrahan Duagh Kerry
Scrahan Rossmire Waterford
Scrahanagnave Kilcrohane Kerry
Scrahanagown Ballyvourney Cork
Scrahanagullaun Kilcummin Kerry
Scrahanard Clondrohid Cork
Scrahanaveal Kilcummin Kerry
Scrahane Killarney Kerry
Scrahanfadda Kilcummin Kerry
Scrahanmore Inchigeelagh Cork
Scrahannagaur Kilcrohane Kerry
Scrahans Ardmore Waterford
Scrahans East Lismore and Mocollop Waterford
Scrahans West Lismore and Mocollop Waterford
Scrahanyleary Skull Cork
Scralea Termonamongan Tyrone
Scrallaghbeg Kilgobban Kerry
Scramoge Bumlin Roscommon
Scrarour Castletownroche Cork
Scratenagh Ennereilly Wicklow
Scrawhill Killymard Donegal
Screeboge Taghsheenod Longford
Screeboge Moynalty Meath
Screeboge or Ashfield Clonard Meath
Screeby Clogher Tyrone
Screeby Kilskeery Tyrone
Screevagh Galloon Fermanagh
Scregg Aghamore Mayo
Scregg Annagh Mayo
Scregg Killinvoy Roscommon
Scregg Killukin Roscommon Boyle Barony
Screggagh Donacavey Tyrone
Screggan Lynally Offaly
Scregg East Kilkerrin Galway
Scregg West Kilkerrin Galway
Scregg Kiltullagh Roscommon
Screhan Coolaghmore Kilkenny
Screhaneroe Clontead Cork
Scrib Loughinisland Down
Scribbagh Devenish Fermanagh
Scribblestown Castleknock Dublin
Scribby Clones Fermanagh
Scribly Leck Donegal
Scriboge Kilbarron Tipperary
Scriggan Dungiven Derry
Scrivoge Kilnamanagh Cork
Scroghil Kilcleagh Westmeath
Scronagare Clondrohid Cork
Scrothea East St. Mary's Clonmel Waterford
Scrothea T. St. Mary's Clonmel Waterford
Scrothea West St. Mary's Clonmel Waterford
Scrowmore Kilbeheny Limerick
Scrub and Glenmacolla Aghmacart Laois
Scrub or Pigeonpark Geashill Offaly
Scullaboge Newbawn Wexford
Sculleen Cloyne Cork
Scurlocksbush Edermine Wexford
Scurlocksleap Kilbride Wicklow Lower Talbotstown Barony
Scurlockstown Scurlockstown Meath
Scurlockstown Burry Meath
Scurlockstown Portloman Westmeath
Scurlockstown Clonarney Westmeath
Scurlogebush Duncormick Wexford
Scurlogue Rathbran Wicklow
Scurmore Castleconor Sligo
Seabank Kilbride Wicklow Arklow Barony
Seaboughan Kilclooney Armagh
Seacash Killead Antrim
Seacon Beg Ballymoney Antrim
Seacon Lower Ballymoney Antrim
Seacon Lower Ballymoney Derry
Seacon More Ballymoney Antrim
Seaconmore Ballymoney Derry
Seacor Conwal Donegal
Seadavog Mountain Templecarn Donegal
Seafield Kilmurry Clare Ibrickan Barony
Seafield Youghal Cork
Seafield Kilmocomoge Cork
Seafield Ballynacourty Galway
Seafield Kilmacowen Sligo
Seafield Ballylaneen Waterford
Seafield Kiltennell Wexford
Seafield Duncormick Wexford
Seafield Avenue T. Contarf Dublin
Seafin Killevy Armagh
Seafin Drumballyroney Down
Seaforde Demesne Loughinisland Down
Seaforde T. Loughinisland Down
Seagahan Lisnadill Armagh
Seagoe Lower Seagoe Armagh
Seagoe Upper Seagoe Armagh
Sea, Hill of Rosslare Wexford
Seahill and Tuckmill Hill Inver Donegal
Seal Island Kinvarradoorus Galway
Seamount Ardamine Wexford
Seapoint Swords Dublin
Seapoint Rahoon Galway
Seapoint or Templehill Monkstown Dublin
Searkin Killeevan Monaghan
Seasonpark Newcastle Upper Wicklow
Seasons Ballymore Eustace Kildare
Seatown East Swords Dublin
Seatown West Swords Dublin
Seavaghan Loughinisland Down
Seaveagh Tehallan Monaghan
Seaview Donaghmore Wexford
Seaview Kilcoole Wicklow
Second Croagh or Sixth Corgary Termonamongan Tyrone
Sedennan Drumragh Tyrone
Sedenrath Kells Meath
Sedgemoor Knigh Tipperary
Sedgy Island Kiltoom Roscommon
See Drung Cavan
Seeaghanbaun Kilfian Mayo
Seeaghandoo Kilfian Mayo
Seecon Killannin Galway
Seeconglas Killeedy Limerick
Seecrin Carlingford Louth
Seedagh Clondavaddog Donegal
Seeds Kilbolane Cork
Seefin Knockbride Cavan
Seefin Killogilleen Galway
Seefin Birr Offaly
Seefin Crossboyne Mayo
Seefin Kilfree Sligo
Seefin T. Birr Offaly
Seegronan Termonamongan Tyrone
Seehanes Dromdaleague Cork
Seeharan Mullagh Cavan
Seein Urney Tyrone
Seein T. Urney Tyrone
Seemochuda Lismore and Mocollop Waterford
Seeoge Kilcleagh Westmeath
Seeola Inishkeen Monaghan
Seeoran Knockbride Cavan
Seerillaun Ballyovey Mayo
Seersha Feenagh Clare
Seersha Aglish Kerry
Seershin Rahoon Galway
Seevness Killoran Sligo
Segravescastle Rathmore Kildare
Segully Longfield East Tyrone
Seixeslough St. John's Kilkenny
Seller Nobber Meath
Sellernaun East Inishcaltra Galway
Sellernaun West Inishcaltra Galway
Selloo Clones Monaghan
Selshion Drumcree Armagh
Seltan Inishmagrath Leitrim
Seltan Mohill Leitrim
Seltanahunshin Oughteragh Leitrim
Seltan (McDonald) Kiltubbrid Leitrim
Seltan (Moran) Kiltubbrid Leitrim
Seltannasaggart or Corry Mountain Inishmagrath Leitrim
Seltannaskeagh Inishmagrath Leitrim
Seltannaveeny Kilronan Roscommon
Semicock Ballymoney Antrim
Seneirl Dunluce Antrim
Seneschalstown Painstown Meath
Sentryhill Aghaboe Laois
Seraghstown Killallon Meath
Sergeant's Lot Relickmurry & Athassel Tipperary
Serough Island Kilnamanagh Cork
Serse Killevy Armagh
Seskin St. Mullin's Carlow
Seskin Aharney Kilkenny
Seskin Killamery Kilkenny
Seskin Upperchurch Tipperary
Seskin Solloghodmore Tipperary
Seskin Kilsheelan Tipperary
Seskin Mullinacuff Wicklow
Seskin Donaghmore Wicklow
Seskin Little Aharney Kilkenny
Seskin Lower Oldleighlin Carlow
Seskinnamadra Sliguff Carlow
Seskin North Aharney Kilkenny
Seskinore Clogherny Tyrone
Seskinore T. Clogherny Tyrone
Seskinrea Oldleighlin Carlow
Seskinryan Dunleckny Carlow
Seskinryan Lorum Carlow
Seskin South Aharney Kilkenny
Seskin Upper Oldleighlin Carlow
Sesnacully Raphoe Donegal
Sesnagh Tamlaght Finlagan Derry