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There is a list in the Fibis Database of Mariner's Certificates 1827-1920 naming mariners who registered in South Australia and who were either born in India or had their certificate granted in India.

Sailors' Home Bombay (Mumbai)

The first Sailors' Home in Bombay was opened in 1837 to provide shelter and sustenance to visiting or destitute European sailors.

Royal Alfred Sailors' Home, Bombay

To commemorate the visit of Prince Alfred, Duke of Edinburgh, in 1870 the idea of a new Home was conceived. Construction commenced in 1872 and the work was completed in 1876. A large part of the cost was funded by the Maharajah of Baroda. The building was designed by Frederick William Stevens (1847-1900) and was named The Royal Alfred Sailors' Home. In 1928 the building was acquired by the Government and used as the Bombay Legislative Council. It is now the Maharashtra Police Headquarters.

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