Shibpur, Fort William Jute Mill Railway

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Shibpur, Fort William Jute Mill Railway

The 'Fort William Jute Mill' was a Jute Mill at Chengail, Howrah District, located between the Howrah and Shalimar stations on the East Indian Railway(EIR) [1].

In 1917 'Kettlewell, Bullen & Co' were the Managing Agent,as seen in the FIBIS page.

The records indicate that a broad gauge(BG) system was operational at the mill and used to transfer raw jute from a quay on the Hoogly River to the mill a distance of approximately 1 Kilometre[1].

The record indicates that at some time the business was taken over by 'Vijai Shree Ltd' becoming the 'Fort William Jute Mill Division '.

No further information has been found.


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