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Some types of ship used in the 18th century are unfamiliar to us now. This list aims to illuminate these old terms, examples of which can be found in Ships of the Bombay Marine and Indian Navy.

Type Definition
Gallivat A small armed vessel, with sails and oars. Used on the Malabar coast. The Pirate's hold website states it was an "18th century ship propelled by 40-80 oarsmen and 1-2 sails, used by the Angrian pirates in the Indian Ocean."[1]
Grab 18th century Indian Ocean vessel, 150-300 ton, two masts, with long overhanging prow and oars, form of galley[1]
Ketch A two-masted fore-and-aft-rigged sailing vessel with a mizzenmast stepped aft of a taller mainmast but forward of the rudder.
Schooner A fore-and-aft rigged sailing vessel having at least two masts, with a foremast that is usually smaller than the other masts.
Snow A type of brig snows are often-referred to as "snow-brigs"), snows were primarily used as merchant ships, but saw war service as well.
Naval Snow Comparable to a brigantine would have had a crew of 80 and mounted 8 cannon

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