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Presidency: Bengal
Coordinates: 22.566667°N 95.7°E
Altitude: 89 m (292 ft)
Present Day Details
Place Name: Shwebo
State/Province: Sagaing Region
Country: Burma
Transport links
Burma Railway

Shwebo was the headquarters of the District of the same name in Upper Burma during the British period. It is located on the Sagaing-Myitkyina railway, about sixty five miles north west from Mandalay between the Irrawaddy and Mu rivers, 16½ miles west of Kyaukmyaung on the Irrawaddy. There was a cantonment, established in 1888, located to the north-east of the town on high ground.

The stone S.P.G. church was situated in the north-west.corner of the town, and the Roman Catholic church in the south-east corner.

During the First World War, there was a camp for Turkish Prisoners of War.


  • St Luke’s Shwebo 1887.[1] Church of England.
  • All Saints SPG Mission Church. Church of England. A stone church, probably constructed after 1899, following a fire which deserted almost all the mission buildings.[2]

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Volunteer Regiment

Shwebo was the head-quarters of a company of the Upper Burma Volunteer Rifles, drawn from the Shwebo, Katha, Bhamo, and Myitkyina Districts. [3]

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Sketch Map of Cantonment, Shwebo, Burma, 1906 from Photo Gallery: Accommodation for Soldiers and Officers. King's Own Royal Regiment Museum, Lancaster

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