Some Cemeteries in South India

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After the British left India, the Church of South India was formed out of all Protestant denominations. In most cases, if you are trying to find the grave of a Protestant ancestor, find the local C.S.I. church and ask the pastor. If he cannot help you, he will generally find someone who can.



ph.57 2009

This is a large and ill-kept cemetery. Unfortunately, many of the monuments have had their slate tablets removed, probably to use as building materials. To get to this cemetery, take a taxi or auto-rickshaw along Poonamallee High Road. It is about 30 minutes by road from Madras to Poonamallee.


The former Anglican church is St Stephen's (ph.40 1472). You can catch a train or bus to Pallavaram. From the train station, walk to St Stephen's, which is just off the highway, and ask the pastor for assistance


The English Cemetery at Arcot

Arcot English Cemetery has graves from 1806 onwards. I was guided there by a doctor, who was asked by the local pastor of St Mary's Church, Ranipet. Ranipet is on the other side of the river from Arcot, but was the 'Arcot church' in the nineteenth century. The cemetery was very poorly preserved and most of the monuments had their slate tablets missing.


Central Church

Has graves from 1788 to 1865, but they appear to be only of officers and their families.

Protestant Christian Cemetery

Has graves from 1870 onwards. Well preserved and cared for.