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Registration of births and deaths in Calcutta

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This article is an attachment to [[Birth, marriage and death records#Birth and Death Registration|Birth, marriage and death records- Birth and Death Registrationregistration]]. It is a transcript of Thacker’s ''Bengal Directory'' 1865, page 147.
'''''Registration of Births and Deaths in the Town.''''' [Calcutta]
The town has been divided, in accordance with Section 94 of Act VI. of 1864 [1863?] B.C., into six Districts, as shown below, and the undermentioned parties appointed Registrars for the aforesaid purposes.
The Registration of Births and Deaths under the abovementioned Section took effect from the 1st of April 1864, and under Section 98 and 99 of Act. VI. of 1863, information of Births must be given within one month next after the day of every such birth; and of Deaths within eight days next after the day of such death. Any person whose duty it shall be to give such information, and who shall refuse or neglect to do so, shall be liable to a penalty not exceeding one hundred rupees.

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