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18th Regiment of Foot

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*[[2nd China War]] 1856-60
*[[2nd Afghan War]] 1879-80
==Cantonments 1879-1883==
1st Battalion
* January 1879: [[Multan|Mooltan]].
* July 1879: [[Ferozepore]].
*September 1880: [[Peshawar]].
*December 1880: [[Khyber Pass|Lundi Kotal]].
*April 1881: [[Khyber Pass|Lundi Kotal]].
* July 1882: [[Rawalpindi]] where they remained for the rest of that year and into 1883.<ref>Frogsmile [ "Lewis Dunne Conductor , Ordanance Depot"] ''Victorian Wars Forum'' 19 August 2014. Retrieved 20 August 2014</ref>
== External Links ==
*[ The Royal Irish <nowiki>[Regiment]</nowiki>] Details of Museums and database for the Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers ([[27th Regiment of Foot|27th]] and [[3rd Madras (European) Infantry|108th]] Regiments of Foot), the Royal Irish Rifles ([[83rd Regiment of Foot|83rd]] and [[86th Regiment of Foot|86th]] Regiments of Foot), and the Royal Irish Fusiliers ([[87th Regiment of Foot|87th]] and [[89th Regiment of Foot|89th]] Regiments of Foot). In addition, in time it is intended to include in the database the names of many soldiers who served in what have become known as the Disbanded Irish Regiments, such as the Connaught Rangers, ([[88th Regiment of Foot|88th]] and [[94th Regiment of Foot|94th]] Regiments of Foot), the Dublin Fusiliers ([[1st Madras (European) Fusiliers|102th]] and [[1st Bombay (European) Fusiliers| 103th]] Regiments of Foot) and the (18th) Royal Irish Regiment. The Leinster Regiment ([[100th Regiment of Foot|100th]] and 109th Regiments of Foot) and the Royal Munster Fusiliers ([[1st Bengal (European) Fusiliers| 101st]] and [[2nd Bengal (European) Light Infantry|104th]] Regiments of Foot) also are part of this category.
*[ R.I.R. Memorial, Afghanistan and Egypt, Clonmel, Kickham Barracks] Afghanistan 1879-80 "Irish War Memorials"
== References ==
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