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Maritime Service

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Historical books online
*[ ''Reminiscences of a Blackwall Midshipman''] by W I Downie 1912 Page 100 commences a section on India and Indian waters. The author was born c 1848 , so was probably writing of the 1860s
*[ Chapter III: "History and Reasons for Decline of Gangetic Navigation"] page 27 ''Inland Navigation On The Gangetic Rivers'' by J Johnston, ICS 1947
*''The China Sea Directory'' by the Hydrographic Office, Admiralty, London.
**''The China Sea Directory Volume I. Containing directions for the approaches to the China Sea and to Singapore, by the straits of Sunda, Banka, Gaspar, Carimata, Rhio, Varella, Durian, and Singapore'' by J. W. Reed , R N and J. W. King, R N. [ 1867] Google Books. [ 3rd edition 1886]
**[ ''The China Sea Directory Volume II. Containing directions for the navigation of the China Sea, between Singapore and Hong Kong''] by J. W. Reed , R N and J. W. King, R N. 1868. British Library Digital Collection.
**''China Sea Directory Volume III. The Coasts of China from Hong Kong to the Korea etc'' Edited by Captain Charles J Bulloch, RN. [ 1874] [ 2nd edition 1884]
**''China Sea Directory Volume IV. Japan Islands etc'' by F W Jarrad, R N.[ 1873] [ 2nd edition 1884]
*[ ''A directory for the navigation of the Indian Archipelago, China, and Japan, from the straits of Malacca and Sunda, and the passages east of Java. To Canton, Shanghai, the Yellow Sea, and Japan, with descriptions of the winds, monsoons, and currents, and general instructions for the various channels, harbours, etc''] by Alexander George Findlay 2nd edition 1878
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