Tezpur-Balipara Railway

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Tezpur-Balipara Railway
Tezpur-Balipara Railway 1942.jpg
1942 map
Line of route
Tezpur to Balipara
Gauge / mileage
2' 6" NG 20 miles (1905)
1894-95 Line opened
Key locations
Presidency Bengal
Stations Tezpur, Balipara
System agency
1894-95 Own agency
How to interpret this infobox
Tezpore-Balipara Light Railway Map 1909

The Tezpur-Balipara Light Railway was a short 2ft 6in/762mm narrow gauge(NG) railway, built to carry tea from upcountry estates to the river port of Tezpur for onward shipment down the Brahmaputra to Calcutta. The line was owned and worked by the Tezpur-Balipara Light Railway Company and linked Tezpur to Balipara a length of 20 miles(32km) and opened in 1894-95. [1]

This NG light railway was still operational in 1950 [2].

Borjuli-Rangapara Light Railway Branch
"A tramway, 2 miles long, was constructed at the expense of the Borjuli Tea Company connecting the tea factory at Borjuli with Rangapara staion on the Tezpur-Balipara Light Railway. It was worked by the Tezpur-Balipara Railway but from February 1908 closed to traffic."[1]


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