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The Turkish Contingent, also known as the Anglo-Turkish Contingent or the British Ottoman Contingent, Crimean War

Officers of the East Indian Company Armies were offered an incentive to become officers of the Turkish Contingent.

Officers of the Contingent were Indian Army and not Queens Officers and therefore were considered ineligible for the British Crimean War medal[1]

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Historical books online

  • "The Turkish Contingent 1854-1856" , page 49 My service in the Indian Army –and after by General Sir John Luther Vaughan 1904 Archive.org
  • Twelve Months with the Bashi-Bazouks by Edward Money 1857 Google Books. Major General Beatson's Irregular Turkish Cavalry at the Dardanelles during the Crimean War, which became known as Osmanli Irregular Cavalry. Some of the troops had a connection with India in that they spoke Hindustani (perhaps they came from India?) and there were some officers who had connections with the East India Company Armies. Also see William Beatson


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