Victorian Military Society

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The Victorian Military Society was founded in 1974

According to the website:

The principal aim of the Victorian Military Society is to encourage and foster the study of military aspects of the Victorian era. The dates of study are 1837 to 1914, to include the period between the end of Queen Victoria's reign and the beginning of World War I. The society is principally concerned with the forces of the British Empire and its adversaries, but does not exclude other armies.
Soldiers of the Queen , is the journal of the Victorian Military Society, published quarterly. It is in an A4-glossy format of 40 pages, liberally illustrated and including a wide range of articles, both scholarly and of general interest, letters and correspondence, and a selection of book reviews covering the most relevant titles for the period.

The journal is available at the British Library which holds has copies from Issue 19 (November 1979).