William Rennie Izat

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William Rennie Izat, son of Alexander Izat, often called 'Willie'; brother to James Rennie Izat.

The following are in the India Office Records (IOR) at the British Library:-

  • "Group portrait of European and Indian staff - Presented to J. Izat Esq. C.I.E. by Staff of the Oudh and Rohilkhund Railway, Head Quarters District, Lucknow, 5th April 1921".Photo 1082/13(6)[2].
  • "Group portrait Gorakhpur c.1920". Photo 1082/7(26). The following identifications (written at a later date) are given beneath the print: Rennie Izat (James Rennie Izat), Willie Izat (William Rennie Izat), Stanley Cairns, Jack Westwood, Alec Walker, Geoff Holmes, Eva Izat (wife of James Rennie Izat), Holmes, Isobel Izat, Annie Westwood, Ian Cruikshank, Henry Westwood. [3].


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