William Thomas Doyne

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William Thomas Doyne (1823-1877)

Railway Achievements in India and Ceylon

The following extracted from 'Grace's Guide'; 1878 Obituary [1]

  • 1856, entered into partnership with the late Mr. Robert Garrett, M. Inst. C.E., who had been second in command of the Army Works Corps. Amongst other undertakings engaged in by them was the survey of a proposed railway between Cawnpore and Lucknow. This work Mr. Garrett had just completed when the Indian Mutiny broke out, and he perished in assisting to defend Cawnpore.
  • 1857 October, 'Ceylon Railway Company' Mr. Doyne was selected to fill the position of Chief Resident Engineer in Ceylon, in connection with the survey and construction of the Ceylon railway, proposed to be made from Colombo to Kandy. Under Mr. Doyne’s personal supervision surveys were completed of this line, notwithstanding serious difficulties of country and climate; but in 1859, differences having arisen with the Consulting Engineer, Mr. Doyne was recalled, and eventually the Company was dissolved, and the construction of the railway was undertaken and completed by the Colonial Government.
  • 1859, Mr. Doyne’s health having become much impaired from overwork, anxiety, and climatic influences while in Ceylon, he, with a view to re-establish his constitution, ... moved to New Zealand,


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