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Afghanistan in 1993 - click to enlarge the image.


Wars involving British India

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  • Historical maps from the University of Texas Austin, including some relating to the First and Second Afghan Wars
  • An article Historical Sources for Afghanistan In the British Library, 2005 by Richard Scott Morel, page 26 of this pdf link
  • Phototheca Afghanica Historical Images
 of Afghanistan. A project of Foundation Bibliotheca Afghanica, CH-4416 Bubendorf.

Historical books online

Search the Qatar Digital Library for other items.
Précis of the principal correspondence, &c., showing the policy and relations of the British Government toward Afghanistan, April 1872-May 1879 Calcutta : Printed at the Foreign Dept. Press, 1879. Variant Title: Afghanistan précis, 1872-1879. PAHAR Mountains of Central Asia Digital Dataset. If the download button does not display, locate under Books/Afghanistan
Afghanistan (1881) No.1. Further Correspondence Relating to the Affairs of Afghanistan including the recognition of Sirdar Abdul Rahman Khan as Amir of Kabul Presented to both Houses of Parliament. HMSO 1881
A Precis on Afghan Affairs from February 1919 to September 1927 by R R Maconachie, Foreign and Political Department, Government of India. 1928.
Precis on Afghan Affairs, Volume II: from the middle of 1927 to the end of 1936 by ADF Dundas, Foreign and Political Department , Government of India. 1938.
Other official publications, not known to be available online: Memorandum on Afghanistan affairs. From AD 1700 by J Talboys Wheeler, Assistant Secretary to Government of India, Foreign Department Calcutta: [Govt of India Foreign Dept] 1869. Available at the British Library IOR/L/PS/20/B10. Recent events in Afghanistan [1866-1868]. Continuation of Mr Wyllie's precis by H L Wynne, Under-Secretary to Government of India, Foreign Department [Simla: Govt of India Foreign Dept, 1868]. BL IOR/L/PS/20/B11. Precis on Afghan affairs by Lt-Col C J Windham Calcutta: Govt of India, 1914 [May 1879 to November 1893] BL IOR/L/PS/20/B258
Narrative of Various Journeys in Balochistan, Afghanistan, the Panjab, and Kalât, During a Residence in Those Countries: To which is Added an Account of the Insurrection at Kalât, and a Memoir on Eastern Balochistan by Charles Masson 1844 Google Books Volume 1, Volume 2, Volume 3, Volume 4
Narrative of a journey through the province of Khorassan and on the N.W. Frontier of Afghanistan in 1875, by Colonel C.M. MacGregor. 1879. Volume I HathiTrust Digital Library mirror version, originally from the Digital Library of India; Volume II HathiTrust Digital Library, mirror version, originally from the Digital Library of India.
1893 The Military Geography of Afghanistan Part 2 Afghan Turkistan by Barrow (secret)
1893 The Military Geography of Afghanistan Part 3 Herat by Barrow (secret)
1893 The Military Geography of Afghanistan Part 4 Kabul by Mason (secret)
1893 The Military Geography of Afghanistan Part 5 Farah and Kandahar by Elles (secret)
Pdf downloads, Pahar- Mountains of Central Asia Digital Dataset. mirror versions, Parts 1-5. Issued by the Intelligence Branch, Q.M.G.'s Department. Published Calcutta. Secret. Contents: pt. 1. Badakhshan by E.G. Barrow - pt. 2. Afghan Turkistan by E.G. Barrow - pt. 3. Herat by E.G. Barrow - pt. 4. Kabul by A.H. Mason - pt. 5. Farah and Kandahar by E.R. Elles.
India and the Frontier States of Afghanistan, Nipal and Burma by J Talboys Wheeler 1899 Printed in New York. Volume I, Volume II. Includes a supplementary chapter in Volume II, but otherwise the text is probably the same.
India by Colonel Sir Thomas Hungerford Holdich 1904
The Gates of India, being an Historical Narrative by Colonel Sir Thomas Holdich 1910
Political Frontiers and Boundary Making by Col. Sir Thomas H Holdich 1916
"Between the Tigris and the Indus" by Colonel Sir Thomas H Holdich The Geographical Review Volume IV September 1, 1917
Across The Highways Of The World by K J Kharas, R D Gandhi, R D Shroff. Second edition 1941, first published 1939., Public Library of India Collection.
Tournament of Shadows : the Great Game and the Race for Empire in Central Asia by Karl E. Meyer and Shareen Blair Brysac 1999. Lending Library. Also available as a pdf download PAHAR Mountains of Central Asia Digital Dataset. If the download link does not display, locate under Books/Central Asia.



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