3rd Afghan War

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3rd Afghan War
6 May – 8 August 1919
Chronological list of Wars and Campaigns
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Location: Afghanistan
British Army Afghan regular forces
British subsidy dicontinued
Afghans regained control of foreign policy
Border with British India confirmed
India General Service Medal (1909)
Clasp:Afghanistan NWF 1919
Category: 3rd Afghan War

Hoping to regain control of foreign policy ceded to the British at the Treaty of Gandamak 1879 and to divert attention from internal strife, Amir Amanullah Khan invaded India on 3 May 1919. Military action took place mostly in the Khyber Pass but Kabul was bombed by the Royal Air Force and the Afghans attacked Thal. The Afghan forces were driven from British Indian territory and the Treaty of Rawalpindi on 8 August ended the British subsidy to Afghanistan which regained the right to conduct its own foreign affairs. The Durand Line defining the border between Afghanistan and the North West Frontier was re-affirmed.

British Library holdings

  • The Third Afghan War 1919 Official Account, with maps, by General Staff, Army Headquarters, India, published 1926 Calcutta. Now available to download, see below.
  • War Diary [Collection], Army Headquarters India, Afghan War, 1919. GSI, 1919. 9 vols IOR/L/MIL/17/5/4057-4065. Printed volumes from the Military Library. Locate these records using the British Library Search.


  • The medal awarded was the India General Service Medal 1908 with clasp Afghanistan N W F 1919
  • Also see Medal Rolls

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