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Presidency: Madras
Coordinates: 10.81°N 78.69°E
Altitude: 85 m (279 ft)
Present Day Details
Place Name: Tiruchirapalli
State/Province: Tamil Nadu
Country: India
Transport links
[[[South Indian Railway]]
[Trichinopoly-Pudukkottai Railway]]
Villupuram-Trichinopoly Railway
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places of interest during the British period

Trichinopoly was the headquarters of Trichinopoly District in Madras during the British period. It is now the fourth largest city in Tamil Nadu.

Spelling Variants

Modern name: Tiruchirapalli or Tiruchirappalli or 'Trichy' or "Tiruchy' or 'Tiruchi'


Siege of Trichinopoly 1751
Second Siege of Trichinopoly 1753-54
Action at Trichinopoly 1757


Trichinopoly was the headquaters of the Great Southern of India Railway estabished in 1865; which in 1874 was amgamated into the South Indian Railway(SIR). In 1878 the SIR HQ was transferred to Tricinopoly from Negapatam.

Trichinopoly station is on the SIR metre gauge (MG) 'Madras-Tuticorin Mainline' and a junction with the 'Erode Branch Line'


  • Christchurch
  • St John's Church
  • St Thomas's Church

For links to cemetery inscriptions see "FIBIS Resources" and "External Links " below.

FIBIS Resources

Bird's Eye View of Trichinopoly from the Rock

FIBIS database contains records of

FIBIS Journal no 20 (Autumn 2008) contains an article entitled The Trichinopoly Registers by Richard Morgan

FamilySearch microfilm/digitised microfilm

Scroll down the catalogue entry for "British High Commission cemetery records, ca. 1870-1967" to the entry "R/4/103 (cont.) Correspondence regarding prisoner-of-war graves (frame 49 includes a list of Boer prisoners buried at Trichinopoly)" microfilm no. 2214467 Item 1. See FamilySearch Centres for more details about microfilms/digitised microfilms.

External links

Cemetery Inscriptions

Historical books online

  • Plan of Trichinopoly An Atlas of the Southern Part of India 1854
  • Manual of the Trichinopoly District in the Presidency of Madras by Lewis Moore (Comp.) 1878 Mirror of a file at Kerala State Central Library Rare Books Online.
  • Madras District Gazetteers: Trichinopoly 1907
  • Memoirs of the life and correspondence of the Reverend Christian Frederick Swartz, to which is prefixed a Sketch of the history of Christianity in India by Hugh Pearson, Dean of Salisbury 2nd Edition 1835 Volume I, II, First American edition (abridged) 1835 Google Books
  • “District of Trichinopoly” page 193, Report on the Medical Topography and Statistics of the Southern Division of the Madras Army Compiled from the Records of the Medical Board Office, Madras 1843 Google Books
  • Trichinopoly page 55 The Edinburgh Medical and Surgical Journal Volume 68 1847. Google Books. The cantonment was classified as one of the "Stations on the Plains between the sea coast and the mountain ranges"
  • 105th Regiment at Trichinopoly page 277 Army Medical Department: Report for the Year 1862 Google Books
  • Trichinopoly page 423 Report of the Commissioners Appointed to Inquire into the Sanitary State of the Army in India : with Abstract of Evidence, and of Reports Received from Indian Military Stations 1864


  1. Baptisms And Burials In Trichinopoly 1810-1834 by Elaine Macgregor February 8, 2016