Erode Branch Line

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The Erode Branch Line was a branch from of the South Indian Railway metre gauge (MG) 'Madras-Tuticorin Mainline'.

The Trichinopoly to Erode line via Karur, 87 miles(139km) line was first constructed by the Great Southern of India Railway in 1866-68 as broad gauge (BG), which was taken over by the South Indian Railway in 1874. The line was converted in 1879 to metre gauge(MG) to connect to the SIR MG network at Trichinopoly [1].

At Erode there was a junction to the [Rail_gauge#Broad_Gauge|broad gauge (BG)]] Madras Railway, opened 1861-62, which, in 1908, became the South Indian Railway(SIR) [2]

Thus Erode Junction became an important transfer point between the South Indian Railway BG network and their MG network

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