16th (The Queen's) Lancers

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Also known as 16th Lancers.


  • 1759 raised as the 16th Regiment of (Light) Dragoons
  • 1766 renamed the 2nd (or The Queen's) Regiment of (Light) Dragoons
  • 1769 renamed the 16th (The Queen's) Regiment of (Light) Dragoons
  • 1816 renamed the 16th (The Queen's) Regiment of (Light) Dragoons (Lancers)
  • 1861 became the 16th (The Queen's) Lancers
  • 1921 retitled as the 16th The Queen's Lancers
  • 1922 amalgamated with the 5th Royal Irish Lancers to form the 16th/5th The Queen's Royal Lancers
  • 1954 became the 16th/5th The Queen's Royal Lancers
  • 1993 amalgamated with the 17th/21st Lancers to form The Queen's Royal Lancers

Service in British India

16th Lancers Aliwal memorial in Canterbury Cathedral

Due to the return of the 16th Lancers to England, on 1 November 1875 2 privates transferred to the 13th Hussars[1]

1st Sikh War

The regiment fought in the Battle of Aliwal on the 28th January 1846, suffering many casualties. Names of the fallen listed on the Aliwal memorial pictured can also be found on Stephen Lewis' memorials website (list of other ranks and list of Officers). Names of those who died are also available on the website Kent Fallen: html version, pdf

A description of the 16th's experience at Aliwal can be found in the battle article.

British Library holdings

  • History of the Sixteenth, the Queen's Light Dragoons (Lancers), 1759 to 1912 by Colonel Henry Graham, published 1912. Available at the British Library, UIN: BLL01001095905 . Volume 2 1912 to 1925 published 1926 is available online, see below.

FIBIS resources

  • "Boy Soldier to Lancer: John Arnfield in the Anglo -Sikh Wars" by Ainslie Sharpe FIBIS Journal Number 26 Autumn 2011, pages 31-40 For details of how to access this article, see FIBIS Journals
John Arnfield transferred from the 3rd Regiment of Foot, the Buffs 1 April 1840, age 20 possibly because his sister had married a sergeant in the 16th Lancers at Meerut in 1838. He served in the Gwalior Campaign and the 1st Sikh War He remained with the regiment in India until it returned to England, when he transferred to the 9th Lancers 1 April 1846

Recommended Reading

Three Cheers for the Queen-Lancers Charge! by W. J. Gould. (The Experiences of a Sergeant of 16th Queen’s Lancers in Afghanistan, the Gwalior War, the First Sikh War and the Kaffir War) available as a current reprint by Leonaur. Also available online under the original title, see below.

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Historical books online

History of the Sixteenth, the Queen's Light Dragoons (Lancers) 1912-1925 by Colonel Henry Graham 1926. Archive.org. During this period the regiment was in India late 1920 to early 1924.