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Station hospital Ambala.jpg
Presidency: Bengal
Coordinates: 30.38°N 76.78°E
Altitude: 264 m (866 ft)
Present Day Details
Place Name: Ambala
State/Province: Haryana
Country: India
Transport links
North Western Railway
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Ambala was the headquarters of Ambala District in the Delhi Division of Punjab Province during the British period.The Ambala Cantonment was established in 1843 after the British abandoned its cantonment at Karnal, following the malaria epidemic of 1841-42.

Spelling Variants

Modern spelling: Ambala
Variants: Umballa

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The cantonment church is called St Paul's and it has a large graveyard and war memorial. St Paul’s Church, ‘an edifice which has been much admired’ was designed by Captain George Atkinson of the Bengal Engineers, according to this Archives,org link. He was the author of Curry & rice' on forty plates : or, The ingredients of social life at 'our station' in India, published 1860, refer Society reading list, and Historical books online, below which may have been based on life in the cantonment at Umballa.

St Paul's Church was bombed in 1965 and is now in ruins.


List and images of graves at Ambala Christian cemetery (Scroll down for list)

Also see "Historical books online", below.

First World War

There was a Young Officers’ School at Ambala c 1917-1919. This appears to have been associated with a similar School at Subathu[1] and it seems likely that Subathu was the summer location of this School.

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Historical books online


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