Gwalior Campaign

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Gwalior Campaign
Chronological list of Wars and Campaigns
Location: Gwalior State
British Field Forces Gwalior State forces
Result: British control of Gwalior
Medals: Gwalior Star
Category: Category:Gwalior Campaign 1843


The British intervened in a succession dispute and defeated the Gwalior army. The Chanderi District was ceded and a British Resident installed to supervise the state government.

Army of Exercise

Lt Gen Sir Hugh Gough commander in chief
Partial list obtained from despatches and casualty returns

Right Wing at Agra

Lt Gen Sir Hugh Gough commanding

Cavalry Division under Maj-Gen Sr J. Thackwell KCB KH

  • 4th Brigade of Cavalry under Brig Scott CB
  • 4th Light Cavalry (Lancers) under Maj Mactier
  • 10th Light Cavalry under Lt-Col Pope
  • Capt Grant's troop of Bengal Horse Artillery

Artillery under Brigadier Gowan

2nd Infantry Division under Maj-Gen Dennis

  • 3rd Infantry Brigade under Maj-Gen Valiant KH
  • 4th Infantry Brigade under Brig Stacy

3rd Infantry Division under Maj-Gen Littler

  • Brig Wright's Brigade

Left Wing at Jhansi

Maj-Gen John Grey commanding



2nd Infantry Brigade under Act Brig Anderson KH


  • Two troops of Bengal Horse Artillery
  • 3rd Brigade of Horse Artillery under Maj Geddes
  • No 16 Light Field battery under Lt Olpherts
  • Sipree Contingent under Brig Stubbs

External links

Historical books on-line

  • The Life and Campaigns of Hugh, First Viscount Gough, Field-Marshal Vol I by Robert S. Rait 1903 The Gwalior Campaign
  • Lord Ellenborough's correspondence archive .org
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  • “Campaign in Gwalior”, page 24, Recollections of thirty-nine years in the Army : Gwalior and the Battle of Maharajpore, 1843, the Gold Coast of Africa, 1847-48, the Indian Mutiny, 1857-58, the expedition to China, 1860-61, the siege of Paris, 1870-71, etc. by Sir Charles Alexander Gordon, Surgeon-General 1898 The author was surgeon in the 3rd Regiment of Foot during the Gwalior Campaign.