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A researcher’s experience in 2011

A researcher of pre 1800 military history,who was not connected with an academic institution, in 2011 wrote "I did visit the Madras Archives ...with little clue as to where to go. There was no Index and no one to help barring a few students of history who were wrestling with their own difficulties. All the archives at Madras were stacked high and one could not reach any of them except through a request put into the Librarian!! This could take up to a 24 - 48 hour period --- and one came out from there feeling quite dusty, suffocated, coughing and sneezing".[1] Regarding the Maharashtra State Archives he wrote "To my many queries to them, I did get replies which were primarily to become certified to be able to use the Archives. There was, however, no reply as to whether there was an index to the contents of the Archives. In my correspondence with them over an extended 6 months it became clear that there were no researchers who would be able to handle any requests for people who could not physically access the Archives and so were not able browse through relevant documents".[2]

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Assam State Archives in Northeast India by Bérénice Guyot-Réchard. Undated, but appears to have been written in 2014 (before September)
Treasure trove of history but victim of government neglect by by V.K. Jayanthan 21 June 2015. The Thalassery (Tellicherry) Revenue Reference Library.
Update "Registers accessed from Lahore Museum digitised, records of WW-1 soldiers from undivided Punjab now a click away" by Divya Goyal 10 November 2021. Phase-1 of the platform Punjab & World War One will be launched with details of three districts – Ludhiana, Jalandhar (then Jullundur) and Sialkot (now in Pakistan).

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