Naini Tal

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Naini Tal
The Naina Devi Temple and Mosque with lake, Nainital.jpg
Presidency: Bengal
Coordinates: 29.38°N, 79.45°E
Altitude: 2,084 m (6,837 ft)
Present Day Details
Place Name: Nainital
State/Province: Uttarakhand
Country: India
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Naini Tal, a hill station in the Kumaon foothills of the outer Himalayas, was the headquarters of Naini Tal District in the Kumaon Division of United Provinces during the British period. A cantonment was located there.


Spelling Variants

Modern name: Nainital
Variants: Nynee Tal/Naini Tal

Surrounding area

Bhim Tal, modern name Bhimtal (Wikipedia) is situated 22 kilometres from Naini Tal. It was the location of a Boer prisoner of war camp , established in 1902 at the north end of the lake, according to this link[1]

Approximately 65 kilometres (40 miles) from Nainital is the Jim Corbett National Park.

Muktesar, (Muktsar, Mukstar), modern name Mukteshwar (Wikipedia), 51 km from Naini Tal, was the location of the Imperial Bacteriological Laboratory, which investigated diseases of stock in India. It subsequently became the Indian Veterinary Research Institute and remains the hill campus of that institution. It was also a tourist destination.

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Naini Tal Diocesan Boys' School

Oak Openings Boys High School was renamed in 1889, when it was relocated from a previous site. Jim Corbett of Jim Corbett National Park fame attended this school. In 1905 the Philander Smith Institute of Mussoorie, founded by a Mrs. Smith, widow of Mr. Philander Smith of Illinois was moved to Nainital and "amalgamated" with the Oak Openings Boys’ High School and the result was the Philander Smith College [2].

"In the latter half of the 19th century, a number of “European” schools were founded in Nainital for British boys and girls. By 1906, there were over half a dozen such schools, including the Diocesan Boys’ School (later renamed Sherwood College) under the guidance of the Church of England; Philander Smith’s College (now Birla Vidya Mandir), maintained by an American; St. Joseph’s College, a Roman Catholic institution; Wellesley School, an American institution; St. Mary’s Convent High School, a Roman Catholic institution; All Saints Diocesan High School for Girls, under the Church of England, and Petersfield College for Girls. In the 1920s and 30s, the schools began to admit more Indian students."[3]

The Philander Smith College disappears from the scene in the early forties, probably due to the Second World War. The deserted campus of the college was now to be occupied by the short lived Hallet War School of the early forties named after the last Governor of the then United Province. [2]


  • St John in the Wilderness (established 1884)


  • St John in the Wilderness (1845-1928) ( Some information can be found in BACSA file British Library ref MSS Eur F370/603)
    • Victims of the 1880 Landslip Burials at St John in the Wilderness -page 211 List of inscriptions on Christian tombs and tablets of historical interest in the United Provinces of Agra and Oudh by E A H Blunt ICS 1911
  • Pines Cemetery
Some information on the following three cemeteries can be found in BACSA file in the British Library (ref Mss Eur F370/604)
  • Haldwani Cemetery (Muslim Graveyard)
  • Kaladungi Cemetery. Some graves here date back to 1870s [4].
  • Methodist Cemetery (Ayarpatta)

Volunteer Regiment

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Naini Tal Brewery Camp

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    Originally from the Digital Library of India. with mirror versions on for Himalayan Gazetteer. If you have problems locating the above volumes, use the final number as a search term, example 2015.95851
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