Ranaghat-Krishnagar Light Railway

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Ranaghat-Krishnangar Light Railway

The Ranaghat-Krishnagar Light Railway was a privately owned 2ft 6in/762mm narrow gauge(NG) line, constructed and initially worked by Martin's Light Railways Company.

The line opened in 1899 connecting Aistalaghat (on the right bank of the Churni River), serving Ranaghat to Krishnagar, a distance of 20 miles(32km) [1].

The line included the 'Santipur-Krishnager Light Railway' Section of the Santipur-Nabadwip Light Railway, a 12 mile section which had opened in 1898, also constructed by Martin's Light Railways Company, which ran via Krishnagar and was fully opened in 1899

In 1904 the line was taken over by the state and the railway became part of the NG network of Eastern Bengal Railway(EBR)

The line now is part of the Indian Railways ‘Kolkata Suburban Railway - Naihati Section’ and named the ‘Shantipur Jn -Krishnanager City Jn – Nabadwip Ghat Line’. The line has been converted to broad gauge(BG) and electrified [2].

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