Robert Rollo Gillespie

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Sir Robert Rollo Gillespie (1766–1814) was a British soldier who came to India in 1804 in command of the 19th Light Dragoons. He led the troops which put down the Vellore Mutiny. He commanded the advance column in the Java Expedition in 1811 and led one of the four columns in the Gurkha War. He was killed leading the attack on the fort at Kalunga in 1814.

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Historical books online

  • Page 86 A Memoir of Major-General Sir R.R. Gillespie [by William Thorn] 1816 Google Books. On 7 May 1805 Gillespie exchanged into the Nineteenth Light Dragoons, then in India, to where he proceeded overland from England. He then caused the Vellore Mutiny of 1806 to be put down. The Nineteenth Light Dragoons being ordered to Europe, Gillespie, on 16 April 1807 exchanged into the 8th Royal Irish Light Dragoons and saw service in the Punjab (page 108); on 5 January 1809 he exchanged into the Twenty-fifth Light Dragoons (page 111); subsequently he commanded the First Division in the Java Expedition of 1811 (page 120), and then took part in the Gurkha War, from page 204, where he was killed in 1814.