Battle of Kalunga

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Battle of Kalunga
Part of Gurkha War 1814-16
Date: 24 October- 30 November 1814
Location: Nalapani, Dehra Dun , Uttaranchal
Presidency: Bengal
Co-ordinates: 30.329322°N 78.123087°E
Result: costly British victory
East India Company Gorkhas
Brig Gen Sir Robert Gillespie Gen Bal Bhadra Thapa
3,500 600 garrison
71 killed
671 wounded
about 530 killed

Also known as the Battle of Nalapani.


Following an initial bombardment four detachments were to assault the fort. The command was not heard by two detachments and the attack was repulsed with 5 officers and 29 men killed and 15 officers and 213 men wounded. General Gillespie was among the dead. The force withdrew to Dehra Dun until reinforced by heavy guns. The bombardment was begun on 25 November and a second assault made on 28 November. This was a greater disaster than the first; 4 officers and 33 men were killed and 7 officers and 436 men wounded. Further bombardment finally overcame the fort but the remaining 70 Gurkhas escaped during the night.

Spelling variants

Modern name: Khalunga

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