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Battle of Arnee

Well spotted Beverley. I have made the amendments.--Sy 04:30, 8 January 2010 (PST)

NW Frontier

You are right. If I had known this I wouldn't have bought the book! I have added Historical Books on-line to the NW Frontier Campaigns article but not to all the expeditions yet as they would require specific links to each action. The only problem with the on-line book is that they haven't got a full image of the maps in the back pocket. Lazy?--Sy 03:37, 12 January 2010 (PST)


I think that Somerset CC must have restricted access to library members only. I have taken the link off this page and the 1st Afghan War article. I see you have added Sale's biography. Since I found the Dictionary of Indian Biography I have been adding links to relevant people on the War pages. Have a look at 1st Afghan War article. I want to distribute the links to the associated battles but haven't got round to many. I suggest we keep the same format for all these links. I have left off ranks and titles as they changed over time and just put in First name, last name and dates. If you think there is a better format please amend them.--Sy 03:02, 21 January 2010 (PST)


Hi Beverly, I made a couple of formatting changes to Farrier but have explained them in the edit summary. I also redirected the Shoeing Smith (also Shoesmith) page to Farrier using this method:

#REDIRECT [[Farrier]]

If you click on the shoesmith link in my sentence above you'll see it goes straight there now, no middle man needed. To return to the actual shoesmith page and see what is written there (or edit it), note the little 'redirect from' link under the Farrier title. Sarah 13:46, 4 February 2010 (PST)

Henry Havelock

Hello Beverley. Thanks for putting the image on this page. I would like all the biographies I have been doing to have them but am not at all confident about copyright. If you can help with others, I would be most grateful.--Sy 07:18, 2 May 2011 (UTC)

Henry Lawrence

Hi Beverley
I think you will find that the image you uploaded is of John Lawrence not Henry his brother. Pity. It's a nice engraving.--Sy 17:17, 3 May 2011 (UTC)


Hi Beverly. You said: I removed the book about Simla as I feel, without a personal review, this constitutes advertising.

I guess it’s a matter of viewpoint. I look on it as providing information about something a visitor to the Fibiwiki may not otherwise be aware of. I assume this was the view of the person who placed the link on the British Raj List, who I think is the administrator of that List. I note the FIBIS Blog has provided information about data which is to be added to the commercial site FindMyPast, in addition to information about tours and at least one book, written by a member. To me, a book review which appeared in a newspaper is no more an advertisement than the Blog which refers to FindMyPast. Cheers Maureene

Hi Beverly. I was going to add some links to Simla but when I look at the page in detail, I see that you have deleted every addition I have mage to this page since 1 April 2010. Could you please advise what is objectional about all the additions you have deleted.Maureene 06:38, 25 October 2011 (UTC)

Bangalore Cemeteries

Thanks for your recent advice Regards Maureene (talk) 07:23, 7 March 2014 (UTC)


Your edits of 8 February 2015. It appears as though you think the online Journal of the Royal Army Medical Corps is the same as the British Medical Journal , as you have moved the former from section 1.3.2. and amalgamated them with the latter, section 3 all under the heading British Medical Journal . They are in fact distinct Journals. Maureene (talk)

Naini Tal

Your edit of 6 February. You made a deletion due to "duplication". I can't see any other link which is similar. Could you please advise. Thanks Maureene (talk) Thanks for advising. I had looked at the link you quoted, but no image appeared at the time, which confused me- slow download problems I suppose. Maureene (talk) 9 February 2015, my estimate of your time 8.15 am

Life in India

Hi Beverly. Regarding your last three edits, for Life in India. Firstly the reason given is (remove links breaking guidelines .) I assume this refers to the guidelines wording: Links normally to be avoided: One should generally avoid providing external links to:…
11. Blogs, personal web pages and most fan sites, except those written by a recognized authority such as the British Library, The National Archives etc.

I have emphasized the words normally, and generally.

The two links deleted in terms of this edit were personal reminiscences by John Alton Price of his childhood and early adulthood in India. The second of these accounts was referred to in an academic paper, which indicates it was considered to have relevant information. These pages have now been archived as the originating website is no longer in existence, and the URL is for the link. I ask that you reconsider allowing these, firstly in view of the fact that personal reminiscences are an important means of appreciating what life was like for our ancestors, and secondly as the pages are now archived, it could be argued that they are not personal web pages anymore.

I also advise that I proved two corrections to links which you have now cancelled and reverted back to links which do not work.

I also ask that the 1913 photograph you deleted from the Dagshai page be reinstated, in view of the historical value, including the view of the cantonment Barracks in the background. Maureene (talk)

Additional comment

I have noted your advice on my user page.
I advised above that I provided (typo, proved) two corrections to links which you cancelled and reverted back to links which do not work. Is it your intention to alter these back to the correct links which I provided? Maureene (talk)

Two pages: Mesopotamia Campaign and North West Frontier Campaigns

Beverly re page Mesopotamia Campaign. All the references which you deleted were to publications held by the India Office Military Department Library, which contain lists of names in respect of rewards, promotions etc . I thought it was helpful to list these publications/records to point out possible sources a person could research further, as it seemed to me that it may not be known that the Military Department Library contains publications which contain such information.

You also deleted today from the page Mesopotamia Campaign, two links reason given “remove broken archived links”. The link for JSCSC Library Bibliography First World War Series: Mesopotamian Campaign 1914-1918 is not broken as II can access it. It is a pdf download, which my browser displays quite readily.

Re page North West Frontier Campaigns What is objectionable about the book available on the Digital Library of India website Passing It On: Short Talks on Tribal fighting on the North-West Frontier of India which you have deleted? Or the pdf reprint available which you have also deleted ? I agree that the html link quoted does not work, but why must the whole item be deleted? Maureene (talk)

Mesopotamia Campaign


  • Perhaps you could add to the Fibiwiki page the search terms you have been using, as a help for the researcher.
  • The link in question, was as previously stated, a pdf download. Depending on your browser, it may display in your Downloads. Maureene (talk)


Beverly, I am completely ignorant about location templates. I have never been asked to add one, so I have never added one, assuming that this was a task for the a moderator. Could you please advise the relevant instruction page so I can read about them. I will certainly add them now that I know one is required Maureene (talk) On reflection, I believe I was initially advised that I did not need to add a template, that this would be done by the moderator in charge of locations.

British Army

Beverly, re the external link I recently added. [‪ "What’s In A Number? The Personal Numbering System of the Australian Army"] by 2151240 Graham Wilson. Scroll to the section titled "Background – The British Experience".
I cannot work out what I am doing incorrectly, as the format is incorrect. Thanks Maureene (talk)

  • Problem now fixed. Very strange. I deleted and repasted exactly the same URL. I had tried this before, without success, but a further try was successful. Maureene (talk)

Second World War

Beverly, re URL added under French Indo-China. Initially the problem was the formatting as in British Army, the post above. Then by deleting and repasting this problem resolved. However, when I checked the link, it would not open, even though when I copied the Fibiwiki URL and pasted it in my browser the link did open. Does it open for you? Is there anything that can be done? Thanks Maureene (talk)

  • Tried this link again just now, and it now opens. Maureene (talk)