130th Baluchis

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Also known as Jacob's Rifles.


  • 1858 raised by Major John Jacob as Jacob's Rifles
  • 1861 became 30th Regiment of Bombay Native Infantry (Jacob's Rifles)
  • 1881 became 30th Bombay Native Infantry
  • 1888 became 30th Bombay Infantry
  • 1903 became 30th Baluchis (Jacob's Rifles)
  • 1910 became 130th Baluchis (Jacob's Rifles)
  • 1914-18 became 130th King George's Own Baluchis (Jacob's Rifles)
  • Between World Wars became 130th King George's Own Baluchis - 5th Bn (King George's Own) (Jacobs Rifles) 10th Baluch Regiment.
  • 1945 became The Baluch Regiment
  • 1947 alloted to Pakistan

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