127th Baluch Light Infantry

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From a painting by Major A.C. Lovett

Known as the 1st Baluch (Beluch, Belooch, Beloochi) Battalion in the Bombay Army.
Known as the 27th Baluch Light Infantry in the Indian Army.


  • 1844 raised as the Balooch Battalion
  • 1858 became 1st Bengal Military Police Battalion
  • 1846 became the 1st Baluch Battalion
  • 1858 became the 1st Baluch Extra Battalion
  • 1859 became the 1st Baluch Regiment
  • 1871 became the 27th Bombay Native (Light) Infantry
  • 1888 became the 27th (1st Baluch Battalion) Bombay Light Infantry
  • 1901 became the 27th Baluch Light Infantry
  • 1903 became the 127th (Queen Mary's Own) Baluch Light Infantry
  • 1922 became the 3rd (Queen Mary's Own)/10th Baluch Regiment
  • 1947 allocated to Pakistan on Partition

First World War

In addition to the Western Front, 1/127th Baluchis were part of the Bushire Field Force in 1918 and are mentioned in Operations in Persia.[1] See the Fibiwiki page Norperforce.

Second World War

The regiment served in India, Iraq, Egypt, Italy and Greece.[2]

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