2nd Infantry, Hyderabad Contingent

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Known as 95th Russell's Infantry


  • 1813 raised as 2nd Battalion of Sir Henry Russell's Brigade
  • 1826 became 2nd Regiment of Infantry, Nizam's Army
  • 1854 became 2nd Infantry, Hyderabad Contingent
  • 1903 became 95th Russell's Infantry
  • 1922 became 10th (Training) Battalion 19th Hyderabad Regiment
  • 1945 became the Kumaon Regiment
  • 1947 allocated to India on Partition

External links

Historical books online

  • Our Last Years in India by Mrs John B Speid 1862. Archive.org, mirror from Central Secretariat Library (CSL) [Delhi] Digital Repository. The author’s husband was in command of the 2nd Regiment of the Hyderabad Contingent Infantry. She left England 27 October 1858 and the book appears to covers the period to 19 May 1861 (although the final date given is 19 May 1859). She also includes an account of the Mutiny at Aurangabad in 1857.
  • Valour Triumphs: A History of the Kumaon Regiment by K C Praval 1976. Copy and paste the following link in your browser
http://lib.perdana.org.my/PLF/PLF2/Digital_Content/PLF/000013/OCRed/Valour Triumphs.pdf or
access the archived version Archive.org.