2nd Mysore War

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2nd Mysore War
Chronological list of Wars and Campaigns
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East India Company Kingdom of Mysore
Result: British signed humiliating treaty
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2nd Mysore War
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The Second Anglo-Mysore War (1780-83) was between Hyder Ali ruler of the Kingdom of Mysore allied with the French and the Madras Presidency of the British East India Company. Following the failure of negotiations to resolve grievances against the British, Hyder Ali opened hostilities by laying waste the countryside around Vellore and Madras. The Treaty of Mangalore was signed on 11 March 1784 restoring the situation to that before the war. It was considered a humiliation by the British.


Entries in the Dictionary of Indian Biography 1906
William Baillie (?-1782)
David Baird (1757-1829)
John Campbell (1754-1801)
Barry Close (1756-1813)
Eyre Coote (1726-1783)
Edward Hughes (1720-1794)
Hyder Ali (1717 or 22-1782)
Norman MacLeod (1754-1801)
Hector Munro (1726-1805)
Joseph Smith (1733?-1790)
Pierre Andre de Suffrein (1726-1788)
Tippoo Sultan (1753-1799)
John Samuel Torriano (1750-1825)

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FIBIS resources

  • "Searching for Gopal Drooge and the Murder of Captain William Richardson" by Tim Willasey- Wilsey FIBIS Journal Number 31 (Spring 2014) pages 16-25. For access, see FIBIS Journals
Gopal Drooge is identified as the modern Kabbal Durga. The murders took place in September 1783 when thirteen officers from the Bombay Army, including Captain Richardson of the 3rd Bombay Sepoys and four officers from the British Army were killed on the orders of Tipu Sultan.

Recommended reading

  • When the Tiger Fought the Thistle – The Tragedy of Colonel William Baillie of the Madras Army by Alan Tritton 2013. Review by Peter Bailey in FIBIS Journal Number 31 (Spring 2014), page 55. For access, see FIBIS Journals

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