Battle of Pollilore 1780

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Battle of Pollilore 1780
Part of 2nd Mysore War
Date: 10 September 1780
Location: Polilur, Near Kanchipuram, Tamil Nadu
Presidency: Madras
Co-ordinates: 12.832836°N 79.479844°E
Result: British defeat
East India Company Kingdom of Mysore
Col William Baillie Hyder Ali
about 3,800 10,000
36 European officers killed, 50 taken prisoner
All sepoys killed wounded or dispersed
Polilur location
Survey map 1920-1946

This was an event during the 2nd Mysore War
Also described as the Battle of Perembacum

Spelling variants

Pollilore, Pollilur

Company Forces

Col Baillie's Detachment

Company of Guides Artillery (81 men)

  • Total about 2,700 fighting men

Lt-Col Fletcher's Detachment

FIBIS resources

  • "The Melvill Family – Three Generations of Commitment to India (Part 1)" by David Williams – pages 3-17 FIBIS Journal Number 32 (Autumn 2014) contains a section on Philip Melville, an officer in the 73rd Regiment of Foot, who was captured following the battle near Pollilur, with quotes from his papers. See FIBIS Journals for information about accessing this article.

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