3rd Madras Regiment

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The 3rd Madras Regiment was formed in 1922 by the amalgamation of five existing regiments and consisted of four regular battalions and a training battalion. By 1928 all had been disbanded for economic reasons, or changed to a different form. The Regiment was raised again in 1941 with four Battalions and further Battalions were formed during the subsequent war years.

Regimental History

The Black Pom Pom: A Short History of the Madras Regiment 1758-1972 by Lt Col Jitendra Kumar, 3 MADRAS

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Historical books online

  • Madras Infantry 1748-1943 by Lt.-Col. EG Phythian-Adams, late 3rd Madras Regiment published 1943 is available to read online on the Digital Library of India website, in TIFF format, and as pdf downloads. Two files are available, barcode 4990010018885 seems a more complete copy, pdf download. (2nd pdf download)
  • The Madras Soldier 1746-1946 by Lt.-Col. E G Phythian-Adams. Revised and enlarged edition 1947 Archive.org.