5th Mahratta Light Infantry

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The 5th Mahratta Light Infantry was formed in 1922 by the amalgamation of six existing regiments and consisted of five regular battalions and a training battalion. Further Battalions were formed during the Second World War.

On allocation to India in 1947, it was renamed the 5th Maratha Light Infantry[1]

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Historical books online

  • Valour Enshrined Pdf download, Digital Library of India. Archive.org version. Full title: Valour enshrined. A history of the Maratha Light Infantry, 1768-1947 by M.G. Abhyankar [Volume1], published 1971. (There was a second volume published, by C.L. Proudfoot in 1980, covering the period 1947-1979). The DLI file appears to be a reprint edition which advises first published 1960, but this date is not correct for this book.


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