66th Regiment of Bengal Native Infantry

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  • 1823 raised as 2nd Btn 33rd Regiment of Bengal Native Infantry following 1796 reorganisation when previous 33rd was absorbed by 8th Regiment
  • 1824 2nd Battalion became 66th Regiment of Bengal Native Infantry under Major A Shadwell
  • 1850 disbanded

Upon the annexation of the Punjab, the foreign duty allowance for troops serving there was discontinued. This caused the 66th to mutiny. The rebellion was put down and the regiment marched to Ambala where it was disbanded by Sir Charles Napier on 27 February 1850. Their colours, arms, stores etc. were handed over to the 1st Nasiri Battalion who assumed the title of the 66th Regiment of Bengal Native Infantry

  • 1861 became the 1st Goorkha Regiment

For subsequent history see 1st Gurkha Rifles

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